What Miista bag’s colour works better for me?

April 17, 2019

Photos @Notorious

A lovely handbag can transform the most basic outfit into a chic look, full of personality. Take the new Theodore bags by Miista, for instance, made in colourful satin, the mini totes are both elegant and fun and add a unique touch to your clothes, from a casual white T-shirt and denim to a dressier tuxedo, like the one I a wearing.

Difficult to choose which tote I prefer, the bright acid green one, that lights up my black outfit, or the bag in trendy lavender, the colour that Instagram fashionistas have chosen as this season’s hue.

The handbags made with knots of satin ribbon look luxurious and unique. I like the hand-made feel and the fact that they look great day and night. Miista bags will take you in style from the office to a night out.

I feel the satin totes could look nicer, and probably last longer if they had a lining, but overall, I really like the handbags, they are new, versatile, colourful and beautiful, the kind of bag worth having.

 The Spanish Laura Villasenin founded Miista in 2010 in London’s Hackney, to make shoes that unite the nostalgia of rural Spain, where the designer grew up, and modern East London. Villasenin says she wants “to play with shapes and materials without sacrificing quality, wearability or price.”

The beautiful bags and shoes are handmade in Alicante, Spain. Check here where you can find your Miista bag.