Victoria Beckham is Getting Better and Better Get her look.

November 27, 2018

Over the years, Victoria Beckham has polished her style and become a sleek and sophisticated fashion designer and a successful businesswoman. In fact, the style of Victoria Beckham keeps getting better and better. Long gone are her Spice Girls and Posh Spice days. Long gone are also her not-very-posh L.A. days as leader of the WAGs (Footballers Wifes and Girlfriends). Nowadays, David Beckham’s wife and mother of four manages to look chic even in her sportswear.

Victoria Beckham, a savvy influencepreneur

Although Victoria Beckham, the brand, is still trying to break even, The Telegraph says the goal of the British influencepreneur is to be respected as a luxury fashion designer, and not necessarily to be profitable with her fashion label. Which doesn’t mean she won’t. For example, during the COVID-19 lockdowns, the brand’s online sales have risen. Additionally, the designer’s also launched a homeware line that’s selling well. And she’s boosted her brand with a beauty line and a Youtube channel with tips on fashion, makeup and styling tutorials.

The style of Victoria Beckham

As we look back on her style, which is getting better and better, we’ll share with you how to get a Victoria Beckham-inspired wardrobe. Certainly, we all love her sleek monochrome outfits, the masculine yet sexy suits and classic dresses she wears. The style of Victoria Beckham is classic and timeless. Her minimalist and elevated looks suit women of all ages. She favours tailored pieces and button-down shirts that can be worn to go to the office or out at night.

How to get her look

Check here some items that you want, you really, really want. Consider adding them to your wardrobe to achieve a super chic look like the posh Victoria Beckham who’s already become a style icon.

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