Top 10 restaurants with food delivery in Vienna Yes, It's ok during Coronavirus quarantine.

LifestyleTop ListsApril 10, 2020

Is food delivery in Vienna a good option in times of Coronavirus quarantine? Whether alone or with the entire family in lockdown, you may already be tired of cooking every day. Also, you may have run out of ideas or time. Because, even if we’re staying home, this doesn’t mean we’re not working. As a matter of fact, most of us are working regular hours and some, even more! So why not relax and order a meal online for a change? 

Is it safe? 

Yes, it is. Keeping a distance, washing hands after receiving the delivery and wiping the exterior of the containers is the prudent thing to do. But if you want, you can reduce even more the risk of infection to both delivery people and customers. Ask the courier to leave the food delivery at your door, and you do the same with the tip. And talking about tips, remember to be extra generous in these times of COVID-19 since the delivery people are more at risk than others who can work from home. By ordering food delivery, especially from small restaurants, you are helping many people to keep their jobs.

There are many places that you can order meals from, even if they are closed to the public now. Here are our top 10 restaurants with food delivery in Vienna.

Rita bringt’s

Rita brings to your home delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes prepared with organic products and in eco-friendly packaging. The menu changes every day, and the delivery comes, of course, by bicycle.


Now, you can enjoy the fine but uncomplicated cuisine of the trendy chef Sören Herzig in the comfort of your house. The three-course “home package” comes accompanied by a drink and instructions on how to properly heat the dishes.

Konstantin Filipou for Porcella

The chef Konstantin Filipou has teamed up with the organic meat dealer Porcella to prepare potato goulash, game ragout and other specialities that come in elegant jars.


Steirereck has now “home visits”. The restaurant with two Michelin stars since 2010, brings you jars with freshly made dishes, from beautiful garden salads to asparagus with organic duck egg to cream strudel and more.


The best Persian food in Vienna comes now to your door or you can pick your order at the restaurant.


If you’re missing your sushis, fret no more. Moki now delivers the delicious Asian fusion food through o.m.k., its sister restaurant. You may also want to read The 10 best Japanese restaurants in Vienna.

Zum Schwarzen Kamel

The quintessentially Austrian restaurant delivers its delicatessen. You can order, for example, Easter baskets, whole ham or bread and pastries. Also, the special pickles, vinegar & oil, jams, chocolates, chocolates and sweets. 

Mayer & Freunde

You can order the fantastic veal or potato goulash, txogitxu sugo, vegetarian curry and soups from Mayer & Freunde during the quarantine.


Enjoy Lingenhel’s excellent handcrafted products and gourmet cuisine as a take out.

Marco Simonis

The new delivery service brings you the “Best of” from the Simonis range, as well as freshly pre-cooked daily dishes. Crunchy vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh bread, wines, gin, tonics and juices as well as jams, sweets, soups, cheese, ham, salads. And you can also order special Easter packages.