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Just like you, I’m longing for a holiday or in other words, I’m having a Fernweh moment – the German word which literally translates to farsickness. Ready for adventure. Anytime. And when planning a trip, I always try to pack everything I own – from my water bottle (because staying hydrated is key, right?) to that favourite pair of earrings. However, organizing can be a little tough sometimes. In fact, I’m never going to forget how stunned my best friend had left me when she visited me in Vienna a couple of years ago. Her travel organizer was packed so well that she even had tea bags in it. So, I’ve done my research and rounded up all of the sustainable luggage accessories that you need for that next summer trip. 

Passport holder

Safety always comes first and to secure yourself on that next trip, you definitely need a passport holder. Needless to say, we at Notorious Mag like to be en vogue even when it comes to our travel wallet. Thus, we’ve selected these 3 incredible pieces. If you want to be super classy, you can go for the Mulberry one – the luxury brand is committed to responsible sourcing of all raw materials. In case you’re a cat lover like me, the cute Kate Spade’s signature cat motif one is the one for you. The label has focused on changing its environmental and social impacts by 2025. Their main aim is to reduce CO2 emission by 20%, which they’ve already reduced by 6.7% since 2017. Stay eco-friendly!

Laptop case

What would you do without your laptop? Of course, I’m talking about using it to watch Netflix movies in the evenings. Therefore, you need to have a laptop case that matches your vacation mood. Naturally, it has to be something that really lifts your spirits. To tell you the truth, I absolutely fell in love with that blue Wouf case, it gets me in the mood for an exotic getaway. Furthermore, it’s made from recycled leather so it’s on the very top of my sustainable luggage accessories list.

The canvas carryall bag

Indeed, this bag’s name suggests the obvious. It’s exceptionally practical and comfortable to carry everywhere you go. Plus, it can fit your whole content – laptop, sunglasses and that straw hat too. What’s more, it’s one of the items in your wardrobe that will stay with you for years.

The cosmetic set

Cosmetic cases are one thing I can’t live without. Skin, hair and make-up products, you can fit all of them in it. The flat lay bag is my personal favourite, it’s the thing you didn’t know you needed. You just have to expand it and voilà! Surely, one can always go for a classy set, like this Tory Burch one. I especially love its optimistic floral inspired by ’70s interiors print. Summer vibes, right? Also, the Wouf beauty bag is outstandingly helpful and beautiful. It’s adorned with an array of red hearts printed onto a blush pink background using eco-friendly inks.

The beauty sleep set

Treat yourself to one of these amazing sets. To feel and look good, you need a good sleep. What better way to get it than resting on a silk pillowcase? Then you need this sleep set by Holistic Silk, it includes a satin eye mask, too. An inexpensive set that I love is the one by Dr Erno Laszlo, Marilyn Monroe‘s and Jackie Kennedy’s dermatologist. In fact, it contains a silk sleep mask, an eye serum and an eye gel cream. Also, the brand has a strict set of clean standards – they’ve eliminated all parabens, mineral oils and other 49 potentially harmful ingredients. Last, but not least Marks And Spencer’s set is also a great option, it even offers a scented candle and linen spray.

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