The Nicest Places to Host Your Christmas Party in Vienna

December 6, 2018

Photo via Instagram @mottowien

We have already talked about the office Christmas party etiquette this week. However, to behave or misbehave at any Christmas party, there has to be one in the first place, duh! Getting everyone together for this very special occasion is one thing, finding the right location is the other. In general, you could host your Christmas party anywhere: a chic restaurant, a cosy bar or a privately rented venue.
They say that Vienna is a village, but we think that there are still enough cool places to host your Christmas party without having your frenemy from high school or gynaecologist sit at the table next to you (in case you plan to misbehave).

We did some research and found some really nice spots around town where you´ll find good food, yummy drinks and a cosy and still festive atmosphere.


If you and your friends are all busy people and just like to get together for a couple of drinks and to swap gifts before Christmas, Agent Oscar is the perfect place. 
The small bar in the seventh district is the underdog of Vienna´s American bars and we also discovered it just recently. It has a lot of charm, the interior is super stylish and the variety of drinks (gin!) is huge. And if you feel like you had too many, Bro´s Pizza is just opposite to sober you up. How convenient!?


If you plan to do something a little bit bigger, you might want to check out Labstelle. They have a venue called “Saal” which is designed to actually design it yourself. The white octahedron is meant to be decorated and furnished just as you wish. Up to 110 people fit in this location, which is perfect for your company´s Christmas party. The Labstelle is serving you amazing food, drinks and in case you have some talented colleagues or a boss who wants to tell you on a grand scale that you all have to come to work early the day after, they also have a stage. Cheers!


For an extraordinary culinary experience, make sure to book a table at Dots. Notorious also had their Christmas party there once and we all loved it. Located on Mariahilfer Straße, the restaurant is easily accessible for everyone. Once you are there, you´ll get platters with innovative sushi dishes, where everyone can just take whatever he or she prefers. You´ll probably cannot stop eating, so make sure to come with an (almost) empty stomach. 
Oh, and if your friends don´t like sushi, well, why are they even your friends? 


You want to know where you´ll have the most amazing view over Vienna? Take the elevator at the Sofitel Hotel up to Das Loft. If you want to impress your friends and family, that is most certainly the place to be! Book a table and enjoy an evening above Vienna´s roofs – good drinks and food included.


The Motto is not at all a secret tip, but still one of the most amazing restaurants/bars here in Vienna. This place will meet your aesthetic as well as culinary expectations and a cool evening is guaranteed. The menu is quite classic, but not ordinary and we can highly recomment the Schinkenfleckerl (sounds basic, but they are definitely not!). Convince your loved ones or workmates to go there and we´ll promise that you won´t be dissapointed.