The comeback of white socks Hello, Michael Jackson.

March 5, 2020

White socks have been despised for quite some time, but believe it or not; they are making quite a comeback. I see, more and more, fashionable women wearing loafers with bright white socks.  To my amazement, I find myself nodding with approval and thinking they look seriously chic.

White socks used to be a fashion faux-pas, a total no-go that only Michael Jackson and some odd old uncle would wear. However, paired with sandals or sneakers has become surprisingly trendy again!


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Women like the Parisian style icon, Ines de la Fressange, and the German Fashion Editor, Veronika Heilbrunner, are some of the fashion-savvy women going around in white socks and looking fabulous.


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Harling Ross, the Fashion Director at Man Repeller, makes style seem so easy by wearing a white Tee with black jeans, white socks and black loafers. She adds a touch of colour with the green pullover on her shoulders. Over the years, white socks went from being the signature accessory of preppy university students in the ‘50s and ‘60s to something absolutely awful, and somehow, now, they look elegant and contemporary.


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But of course, this didn’t happen from one day to the next. Last year, we started seeing again the white tube socks your father would wear to go jogging. Oh, God! Bella Hadid wore them over tights with white sneakers. Also Instagrammers around the world posed in tube socks with flip-flops or high heels, and they look very cool.

This fall, wear thinner white socks to add chicness to your outfit. How about white socks with black loafers, blacks pants and an oversized blazer for an elegant and modern office look?


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Or pair them with Mary Janes as the Spanish Blanca Miró Scrimieri, Co-Founder & Fashion Director at La Veste, did during Paris Fashion Week. Make sure your pants end just above the ankles, to show off your socks.


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You can also dress down a cocktail dress combining it with white socks and loafers for a more casual look; Veronika Heilbrunner’s burgundy velvet dress looks fantastic and effortless thanks to this simple styling trick.


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Now all you need is find somewhere in the bottom of your sock drawer the ill-famed white ones.