The best gift guide for the loves of your life. Time to give back.

LifestyleTop ListsNovember 23, 2022

The most beautiful time of the year is here. Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s a time for giving and receiving. Like us, you probably have a list that starts with your family members, then friends, and lastly, the people you are obligated to gift. In this article, Notorious has created the best gift guide for the loves of your life. We list Christmas gift ideas for husbands and boyfriends, sons and daughters, and brothers and fathers. But also explore a bit of the philosophy behind the art of giving and receiving. And why we gift people at Christmas.
We will not join the group complaining that Christmas has become a commercial date. Notorious is rebellious enough to know that giving and giving without interest is divine. The ancient philosopher Seneca states that the impulse to give to others is the foundation of society. Without the ability to help one another, to share resources, we are helpless creatures with little chance of survival. The Stoic philosopher also tells us that the world’s beauty reminds us that creation is a supreme gift God gives us without expecting anything in return. For Seneca, we are called to give as tiny, imperfect divine beings.

Scroll down to uncover the best gift guide for the loves of your life.

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1- Time is the best gift you can give.

Go to lunch with a friend who is going through a hard time. Call your parents who are getting older. Be on time for your appointments. Don’t waste too much time on your beauty, physique, and entertainment. And to represent good and valuable time, give a watch as a Christmas present. And on top, commit to sharing more of your time with the person you love.

2- Good memories are for sharing

Perfumes make memories come back to life. Someone’s fragrance, the smell of food coming out of the kitchen, the smell of the Christmas tree and biscuits. The smell is an almost magical sense. So perfume is a gift I love to give and receive. And Christmas is always a good time to replenish the perfumes that are almost gone. So enjoy and put on your Christmas list that you should create good memories for the people around you.

3- Protect your loved ones against the cold

Indeed you naturally have the instinct to protect those you love. So Christmas is the ideal time to give that extra warm coat as a gift, to be prepared for January and February in the snow. Accessories like gloves and scarves are also a great way to show warmth toward them. And put on your list, donate a pullover that you don’t wear much, but is in good condition.

4- Education is the most valuable of all gifts.

The definition of the word educate in Greek is to help bring out the best in a person. Therefore, as a parent, you cannot be lazy to educate your children even if it is difficult and often a source of arguments. A good book helps to create a constructive dialogue. But also among adults, books continue to educate and open the horizons of the people you care about most. We have four ideas of books for you to give as gifts this Christmas.

Resisting Hapiness , Miss Eliza’s English Kitchen, 12 Rules For Life, Stay With Me.

5- Around the table with friends and family.

Perhaps the best memories are the foods of our childhood. Our mothers’ and grandmothers’ recipes are unforgettable and remind us of family gatherings to eat and toast special moments. There is nothing nicer than keeping the tradition of good family food. So, this Christmas, give culinary utensils as a gift. And put it on your list that you will invite more in the new year.

The best gift guide is the one that combines the gift with the intention of joy, solidarity and fraternity.

But why do we give presents at Christmas?

First, the tradition of giving presents at Christmas is linked to the memory we make of the gifts the three Wise Men offered to the Baby Jesus. And since the Child Jesus continues to be born in people’s hearts, we offer our love as a gift.
Also, in the Catholic faith, there is the figure of Saint Nicholas, a bishop (hence the red hat and clothes) who gave coins and presents to poor children.
Christmas is a Catholic festival commemorating the birth of the son of God among us men. But nowadays, regardless of religion, everybody celebrates this day in the name of love and peace. So we Catholics should be pleased to give this day as a gift to the whole world.