Supreme collab with Porcelain Meissen

April 3, 2019

Photo courtesy of Meissen 

The super traditional German porcelain manufacturer Meissen, known for its classic china services and miniature figurines, has joined forces with the king of cool street style fashion labels, Supreme. Want to see the result of this unusual collaboration? Keep reading.

Know more about Meissen

The traditional Meissen china has been produced near Dresden, in Germany, since 1708 and is one of the most famous porcelain brands in the world. The company’s logo, two crossed swords, is one of the oldest trademarks in history.

The Rococo miniature figurines with flowers and lacework details that Meissen has produced over hundreds of years are so famous that collectors began using the name “Dresden porcelain” to describe porcelain figurines in general. Until today, Meissen porcelain is sought by collectors, and many china services and collections are now displayed in Museums around the world.

Know more about Supreme

Supreme was founded in New York in 1994 by James Jebbia, having skaters in mind. Since then, the brand has become the street style label by excellence, and its rectangular red box logo with “Supreme” in white, iconic. The fashion and skateboard brand has already collaborated with several companies, from Louis Vuitton and Lacoste to Hanes, but we also see Supreme’s red logo on SIGG aluminium water bottles, Hot Wheels trucks and cars by Mattel, Zildjian drum set, Bialetti coffee makers, and even Band-Aid adhesive bandages.

Everything Supreme touches becomes gold, or better said, red and white. Some say that you just have to splatter the famous logo on products to achieve instant coolness and success.


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Know more about Supreme and Meissen’s collab

The result of this unexpected collaboration is a porcelain figure of a cute cupid based on the original 1880 design; the little angel is wearing a cool white T-shirt with, of course, the unmistakable red box logo. The “Cupid with T-shirt” combines the German expertise and craftsmanship with American urban lifestyle. The creative directors of Meissen explained that “respect for the history and the courage to break the style is our motto.”

The limited edition of cupids, which can be purchased online and in the Supreme shops in the USA, UK, France and Japan, will probably become a cult item for hip collectors who love fun and kitsch pieces.