Time to buy your summer vacation capsule wardrobe. Dresses, bikinis and Co.

May 19, 2022

Knowing how to travel light is an art that very few master. And, whenever I spot a woman leaving for a summer vacation trip with a small suitcase, I’m certain she knows how to have a capsule wardrobe. Moreover, I assure you she’ll be the one sporting great looks during her vacation instead of those huffing and puffing at the airport while carrying two suitcases, weekenders, and big shoppers.

That is because, to pack light, you must really think about each piece of clothing you are taking on your travel. For example, you have to take into consideration the kind of vacation you’re going on, the activities, the places you’ll visit, the weather, and so on. In other words, you must put together a clever summer vacation capsule wardrobe for your trip, and we’re here to help you do just that. Because let’s face it, there’s nothing more elegant than a fashion-savvy woman travelling light.

Starting your capsule wardrobe by choosing a colour palette

Women on a boat wearing garments and accessories from the perfect summer vacation capsule wardrobe.

Firstly, no matter where you’re travelling to, think that your luggage must contain a few basic garments that you can interchange, a capsule wardrobe to create several outfits. Hence, make sure you choose one colour palette so that all pieces look good mixed and matched. Additionally, key accessories like hats, bags, and costume jewellery are crucial to transform your looks.

The perfect summer vacation capsule wardrobe for 2022

And here are the essential garments you’ll need to create a modern and refreshed capsule wardrobe for your summer of 2022.

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  • A sleek little black dress

Pack a sleek minimalist dress that looks elevated, day or night, by adding some bling. We hand-picked LBDs in cotton and linen that are breathable fabrics that keep you fresh. Additionally, you can add a silk headscarf and oversized sunglasses to rock a Jackie O. style. And remember, black is the ultimate summer colour.

  • A Kaftan

Kaftans are essential for summer trips. For years now, we are seeing embroidered Kaftans inspired by Ukrainian Vyshyvanka. But in Summer 2022, fashion brands like Zimmermann, Tory Burch and even H&M are proposing a minimalist approach to the classic Kaftan. So, our selection brings to you chic Kaftans in simple colours and fewer details, which are much easier to combine with other pieces in your luggage. Think smart to have the perfect summer capsule wardrobe.

  • Skirts

Nothing is more versatile in a summer capsule wardrobe than a skirt. Consider that you can mix and match it with different tops to achieve endless combinations. And you can pair a skirt with heels, flip flops and mules, creating a casual or more elegant look.

  • Trousers

Summer 2022 is all about easy-to-wear, and the trousers reflect this idea; the materials are chic and the cut comfortable. We’ve chosen for you classic Vichy or sailor pants in linen, but also the last trends in crochet, knit and wide legs. Wear them day or night, with the help of smart accessories.

  • Bermuda shorts

Of course, you’ll need to take shorts for your holidays. But pack with your beloved ripped jeans shorts a new polished Bermuda shorts too. And why not a super sexy silk boxer short? Bermuda will update your summer capsule wardrobe in a second.

  • Crochet, lace, off-shoulder, tank tops

Paired your shorts, trousers and skirts with different Summer tops. Crochet, lace and off-shoulder blouses will give a Latin woman flair which is absolutely hot this holiday season.

  • Bikinis and swimsuits

Comfortable swimwear is an important piece in your capsule wardrobe since you’re likely to spend quite a large part of your summer vacation wearing them. We especially like retro models that look stylish and flattering, and perfect for sailing or boating.

  • Beach wraps

A beautiful pareo is a summer must-have accessory but also mini skirts pareo. And since they don’t take too much space in the suitcase, pack 2 or 3 for your trip.

  • A straw bag

Naturally, there is a nice straw bag in the perfect summer capsule wardrobe. This Summer 2022, H&M has a very nice collection of straw bags.

Our final and most important style tip: you’re going on vacation, not on a thematic trip

Summer vacation looks with straw bags and hat.

Stay true to your style and consider buying easy-to-wear clothes that are timeless. And please, stay clear from clichés; you’re going on vacation, not on a thematic tour. In other words, if your destination is the Côte d’Azur, don’t dress head to toe like Brigitte Bardot. Of course, a plaid bikini and a lovely summer floral dress are perfect items for a vacation capsule wardrobe but don’t overdo it, or your trip will seem like a costume party. In the same vein, if you’re going to Ibiza, this doesn’t mean you need a suitcase entirely filled with boho-chic looks. Or, if you’re spending holidays on an island in Greece, don’t go around looking like a Greek goddess. 

All photos courtesy of Loro Piana.