Reading glasses are not just for lazy eyes

November 6, 2018

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Remember the days in kindergarten where all the other kids would make fun of those with glasses? Yep, this also sounds very familiar to us (being the ones bullied) and to be honest it still hurts a little when we think of all the names we were given because of our prescribed accessory. Thank god, times have changed and reading glasses have become a fashionable companion that we not at all have to be ashamed of anymore. They give your face something interesting, intellectual, sometimes even avant-garde and are a statement per se. But one that says “too cool for school” and not the other way round. Over the last years, a lot of brands worked on their collections and the variety of cool models is sheer endless. There is one for every style and face shape and you no longer have to look like Harry Potter (unless you want to). If you are thinking about turning your defective sight into something stylish, learn more about which style of glasses suits your face and shop the trendiest ones now.



An oval face shape has a rather narrow chin and forehead and the cheeks are the most present part. With this face shape, you will find the perfect glasses quite easily since almost every frame suits you. Just make sure to not get a model that is too small since this will elongate the face even more. Maybe go for something bold with a striking logo on the temple since this style will be hot this fall/winter.



A heart-shaped face is wide on the forehead and softer and narrower around the chin. Opt for big lenses or cat-eye shapes, because they are wider than your forehead and enhance your face´s symmetry. If you want to be fully on-trend go for something vintage-inspired (preferably 70´s).



A round face has soft angles, wider cheekbones and a round chin. Rectangular glasses suit the round face best because they balance out the overall shape. Also, choose thinner frames to add some length. Frames with mixed materials are currently trending and we totally like the combination of metal and acetate or wood and horn.




The square face has more angular lines and equally wide forehead and cheeks and a rather bold jaw. To counterbalance choose round or oval glasses. Also, half-rimless frames are becoming this face shape and equilibrate your dominant jawline. Windsor or John Lennon glasses as they are called are the ones you should be wearing the next season.