Pyjamas for Christmas day: the cosiest and chicest loungewear. For all budgets.

November 19, 2021

The holiday season is around the corner. It is time for celebrations with your dear ones, for joy and love, but it is also a moment to relax in cosy pyjamas, enjoying lazy days and nice hot chocolate with Christmas cookies and Stollen next to a fireplace.

Christmas is a family feast, a very special holiday. So it’s only natural that you want to look your best in front of all your family even when in your pyjamas. In this case, just to remember, sheer or short nightgowns are a NO-GO.

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Netflix Pyjama Party

This Christmas is going to be just you and your family, and you want your holidays cosy and relaxed because you are planning a binge-watching marathon. So this is a perfect selection of pyjamas for Christmas day in a small family gathering in front of the TV. In case you need some ideas, we have a superb list of the best Christmas movies from the 40s for you.

My-home-is-my-castle pyjama style

This selection is for you who thinks there is just one way to be seen in pyjamas; if they look good enough for a party. So, we chose pyjamas in exquisite silk, bold prints and feathers. To finish the look, pair them with satin and bejewelled mules, add some statement jewellery like big earrings or layers of chains. It can’t be more effortlessly chic.

Chilly morning pyjamas

Directly out of the bed to the breakfast table, and why not until tea time? This selection of design pyjamas is absolutely perfect for a chilly winter day, combining comfort and serious style. You can style these pyjamas with flat shoes or clogs and throw over a long cashmere cardigan.

Photo via Orchard Moon Sustainable Luxury Pyjamas