Our editor’s fitness choices for 2019

January 23, 2019

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One of the most commons New Years’ resolutions is to live a healthier life, and this includes, of course, a fitness resolution. We all want to feel good and confident about our bodies, and we know that to lead a healthy life, one of the things we need is to exercise and get in shape.

The first step, you’ve already taken, which is to want to get – or keep – fit. Hurray! The second step is to decide which kind of exercise is best for you. And last but not least, find where to practice it. With so many wellness studios, dance, yoga and fitness studios in Vienna, it is normal to get a bit lost. Choosing the right place is very important so that you keep motivated in the long run. A little tip: you can tell a lot about the overall quality of not only the gym place but also the equipment and teachers by looking at the studio’s bathroom; if it’s not sparkling clean, just turn around and run!

Our editors take their wellbeing and healthy lifestyle to heart, seriously, you should see them at lunchtime! So we have excellent some fitness tips for you.

Gym Academy

Our editor’s fitness choices for 2019

Lisa is joining John Harris Fitness that has several fitness studios around the Austrian capital. A gym academy is a good option for those who are not sure which kind of exercise they prefer or those who like all of them! You can practice every day something different if you want, from spinning, Zumba and aerobics to pilates or yoga, or just stick to your favourite one. Maria goes to Femme Fitness, she likes it very much because it is a gym studio especially idealized to fit women’s needs, and, according to her, very clean (see, I told you, you can tell a lot by how clean the place is!)


Our editor’s fitness choices for 2019

Selma wants to dance. She finds ballet the most enjoyable way to exercise and keep the body strong and flexible. Danceworld is her place, besides the classical ballet classes, they also have “balletoning”, a workout program with elements from the classical Ballet, Jazz- and Modern Dance. There are several dance studios in Vienna where you can dance everything, from the Argentinian tango, jazz, modern ballet and Hip-Hop to Zumba, like the Ayres de Tango, on Argentinianstrasse, where else?


Our editor’s fitness choices for 2019

Christine, not as delicate, prefers to keep fit and release the stress by hitting a punching bag. Box and kick-box are her cups of tea. Fitness boxing is a fun and very effective way to keep fit. Ostermann is a women-only kickboxing studio in the third district. At Team Merza Academy you can train boxing or Thai boxing. Founded in 2003, the Backyard Club Vienna has several locations where you can put your gloves on and train like a real boxer.


Our editor’s fitness choices for 2019

This is a big favourite here. Nadine, Josip and Emilia love it. You can practice yoga at one of the several studios in Vienna. I personally recommend Yoga Kula. But if ( and only if ) you’re already an experienced yogi, you can practice from home as Emilia does, following youtube videos but please, be careful not to hurt yourself.


Our editor’s fitness choices for 2019

For those who like to run, Vienna’s beautiful parks are heaven. There are several running groups you can join if you need motivation or like to do it in the company of fellow runners, there’s even a group specially created for pregnant women and mothers who can take their babies along to the training sessions in the parks!

And in case you need some more motivation to get fit, here’s a great selection of gym wear so that you can train in style: