The world of watches will never be the same after the brilliant Omega X Swatch collaboration with the MoonSwatch collection. The launch’s response was so colossal that besides the lines in front of Swatch stores worldwide, the watch literally disappeared completely from the shelves. The MoonSwatch sells for €250, but you’ll find it already on online resellers for between €800 and €1.200, an absolute success.

Watch the video to understand the huge success.

All began with the Omega Speedmaster

Since its launch in 1957, the sports and racing watch “Speedmaster” has become one of the most sought after and beloved timepieces ever.

The quantum leap for the iconic watch happened in 1965 when NASA chose the Speedmaster after minutious tests completed with several other watches. From the first Gemini 4 Mission, where the Speedmaster became part of the astronauts’ equipment, it added the “Professional “to its signature. The watch has practically remained unchanged to these days.

And the landing of the moon with the Apollo 11 definitely put the Omega Speedmaster on the Olymp of watches. No other watch has quite captured the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide like this one.

Even though other brands may have been valued more over the years, Omega has been a steady and immutable player in the complex world of fine Horlogerie. Even the in-house movement powering the Speedmaster has mainly remained the same since 1969.

A watch which every collector has to have, a classic.

And while on the subject, a classic is a timepiece which has set a milestone in watchmaking, independent of its price. For instance, Swatch took the market by storm in the early 80s by showing that an affordable plastic quartz watch with a distinctive young and cool design could become a cult and fashion icon. Quite the accomplishment.

And this outstanding collaboration is definitely an instant classic; the Omega Swatch Speedmaster or the Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection is an incredibly ambitious project that worked out just formidably. The result is absolutely fascinating. The watches are undeniably Omega and still Swatch, without endangering the least Omega’s franchise (the Pierre Cardin effect). The collection is gorgeous, representing 11 outer space missions– from the Sun to Jupiter with eleven sensational models.

Watch the video to see all MoonSwatch models.

Each mission is craftfully designed and smartly (pun intended) interpreted for each celestial body. The attention to detail in the creative output is mesmerizing. The technical part is equally fascinating; the innovative bioceramic material case holds a highly precise Swiss-made ETA quartz chronograph movement.

All dials feature the OMEGA X SWATCH branding, the iconic Speedmaster logo and the new MoonSwatcg logo. The case back on each Bioceramic MonnSwatch is printed with the mission text and features wording sure to inspire- “Dream Big – Fly High – Explore the Universe – Reach for the Planets “.

We, as watch lovers, can’t wait to get our hands on one.