Novak Djokovic, the generous athlete

February 28, 2019

Photos via Shutterstock

The number one tennis player in the world, the Serbian Novak Djokovic, is adored by his fans for many reasons, including his charitable work as a restaurant with free food for those in need.

 Besides all the titles he’s won; 15 Gram Slam, 4 Wimbledon, 3 US Open and 1 French Open among others, the tennis player is a husband and father of two, a businessman and still finds the time to give back to society.

Novak Djokovic, the generous athlete

Djokovic is known for his sense of humour and for impersonating his fellow tennis players, like John McEnroe, whom he imitated before playing together at the 2009 US Open, much to the delight of the amused audience. Watching Djokovic play is always great entertainment, not only is he the best player, but he’s also funny and treats everyone with kindness and a smile on his face.

The Serbian sportsman is a member of the “Champions for Peace”, an international group committed to working for peace through sport. He also does a lot of charitable work in his native Serbia, helping the poor and making contributions to Orthodox Church monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija. The Novak Djokovic Foundation, which he founded with his wife Jelena, offers children quality preschool education. They have already built 37 schools in Serbia, trained teachers and helped more than 20.000 children. The generous payer has also been a Goodwill Ambassador for Unicef since 2015.

The tennis star is to open a restaurant (his third) with free food for the homeless and people in need in his country. He explained that in his career, he had already earned enough money to feed all of Serbia and that he thought they deserved it, after all the support they had given him.

Because of his generous charitable work, Djokovic has earned the Order of St. Sava, the highest decoration of the Serbian Orthodox Church of which he is a member.

Djokovic feels that athletes have the responsibility to be role models and that they have massive power to change the world. Well, he’s undoubtedly doing his part and what an incredible example he is!