Notorious News – what happened while we were catching the last sun in Croatia

CelebritiesCultureSeptember 02, 2019

Notorious News brings to you the latest in fashion, celebrities and entertainment world, and this week is all about The 76th Venice Film Festival.

The film festival, which is currently taking place from 28th August to the 7th of September at the Venice Lido, is the oldest and chicest film festival in the world. Movie stars and film directors arrive glamorously on vintage Venetian wooden motorboats to the film screenings at the Sala Grande in their best red-carpet attires. Beautiful Italian city, the canals and stunning looks, how can you beat that?

Venice Film Festival has become a thermometer, if you will, to predict the Oscars nominations and winners. Here Notorious News presents the most talked-about movies this year, and the best dressed at the premieres:

Wasp Network

The spy thriller directed by Olivier Assayas, and starring Penelope Cruz, Gael Garcia Bernal and Edgar Ramirez, is based on a true story. The beautifully shot movie tells the story of a group of Cuban spies that infiltrated in the ’90s, the anti-Castro networks in Florida. We loved the astonishing look of Penelope Cruz at the Wasp Network photocall, wearing an embellished blue mini dress paired with a sapphire ring (probably from her collection in collab with Swarovski?)

Ad Astra

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Written and directed by James Gray, Ad Astra is a space-travel movie. The sci-fi adventure stars Brad Pitt as the astronaut Major Roy McBride, Liv Tyler as his neglected wife, and Tommy Lee Jones as Mc Bride’s father. Brad Pitt is sent in this interstellar mission to try to find his long-lost father. If you liked Gravity, Arrival and First Man, this is the movie for you.


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The premiere of Joker had an eight-minute standing ovation! Todd Philips directed this movie about the origins of the Joker, Batman’s arch-rival played by the talented Joaquim Phoenix. He is our bet for Best Actor Oscar award. Phoenix portrayal of the mentally disturbed and tormented party clown who turns into the dark but tragic super-villain we all love to fear is incredible. Joker also has Robert De Niro as a talk-show host, and Zazie Beetz, a neighbour and love interest of the Joker.


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A political thriller directed by Benedict Andrews, with a blond Kristen Stewart playing Jean Seberg. The plot is focused on the event when the American actress was persecuted by the FBI because of her political and romantic involvement with the civil rights activist and member of the Black Panthers movement. The real-life story happens in the late ’60s at the time of President J Edgar Hoover. Jack O’Connell plays the FBI agent Jack Solomon, and Vince Vaughn and Zazie Beetz, who’s been pretty busy with her two movies in Venice, are also part of the movie’s cast.

Stay tuned to get more of Notorious News next week.