Notorious-Mag online shop introduces Virusclin Our first brand.

Brand A-ZFashionApril 14, 2020

At the very beginning of the Coronavirus crisis in Austria, we opened Notorious-Mag online shop for local brands that do not have an online shop or have small e-commerce. More than 20 brands reached out, and little by little, we are putting these products on air. We don’t have any financial return on this action, but we are happy to receive many positive feedbacks for our magazine and contact to amazing creative people in the market. In the meantime, we opened it also for companies outside of Austria.

Notorious-Mag first product: Virusclin

The first company that got in touch was an Austrian cosmetic company that has a high-quality disinfectant spray produced in Switzerland. The product is already on sale in our online shop and is called Virusclin. Its main ingredient is Akasept®, Quaternäre Ammonium Verbindung. It contains no alcohol or chlorine and can be be used both on skin and surfaces. Virusclin formula combat bacteria and viruses.

Why we love it

Most disinfectants you find in pharmacies have a strong smell, and that gives me an allergic reaction. Virusclin does not have that pungent odor because it does not contain chlorine.

I am using the spray several times a day, as doctors recommend, and my skin feels fine, without any irritation.

Another essential aspect when we decided to put this product in our online shop, is that Akasept® has a formula approved by the most modern and largest hospital in Austria, the AKH – Allgemeines Krankenhaus Wien. That gives us the certainty that this is a serious and reliable product.

Why disinfectant is important

While not at home, always have with you a disinfectant spray or lotion to keep your hands, phones, bags, jewellery, and other surfaces clean. Hand sanitizers are important when you can’t use soap and water, like when you’re in the car or in the subway.

Take care

We wish our community all the best, mainly peace and health during these trying times. Please, follow the doctor’s recommendations for washing your hands many times a day, and do not touch your face.

Due to the high demand for disinfectants in the market, we don’t have a big stock of Virusclin.  We also do not plan to have a second delivery of this product. Go now to Notorious-Mag online shop. And stay safe!