Fashion Editorial with contortionist Nina Burri

August 8, 2019

When you put together a contortionist, a stylist and a photographer in the same room, you can be sure you are in for a real treat! Keep reading to see the amazing result of this fashion editorial with contortionist Nina Burri.

The Berlin-based talented trio shot a fashion editorial for Notorious with images full of movement, femininity and grace, but also strength and power. The beautiful B&W photos were taken by photographer Emma Thoenes and styled by fashion designer and stylist Izabela Macoch. The makeup and hairstyling were inspired by the simplicity of the ballet divas and was made by artist Meike Ewend.  The model is Nina Burri, a dancer, contortionist, actress and fashion model with an inspiring story.

Dress by Danny Reinke. Photo by Emma Thoenes.

Nina Burri‘s bending and stretching

At the age of 15, Burri attended the ballet academy in Basel and Graz. Then she attended the “State Ballet School Berlin”. Seven years later, at the age of 21, she joined Maurice Béjart’s “École-Atelier Rudra Béjart” in Lausanne. After two years, Burri left Switzerland and took on a role as a ballet dancer at the “Staatstheater Saarbrücken”.

Dress by Lana Mueller. Photo by Emma Thoenes

The crucial moment of Nina’s career came when she turned 30. Burri felt she needed a new challenge and decided to join the “China Acrobatic Troupe” in Beijing, to learn the art of contortion. Quite a late start for such extreme bending and stretching. Of course, everybody told her that it was impossible, but she proved them wrong. This fashion editorial with contortionist Nina Burri is like a choreography on the power of determination.

Top by Marina Hoermanseder and trenchcoat, Stella Lavinia. Photo by Emma Thoenes.

As a model, Nina Burri has worked with photographer Peter Lindbergh for German Vogue. But in this fashion editorial with the contortionist, photographer Emma Thoenes and Stylist Izabela Macoch, explore a vintage black and white mood like photos from the crazy 20s, when the world was attracted to everything exotic and forbidden.

Top by Marina Hoermanseder and trenchcoat, Stella Lavinia. Photo by Emma Thoenes.
Skirt by Marina Hoermanseder and gloves by Prada. Photo by Emma Thoenes.
Top and skirt by Dawid Tomaszewski. Photo by Emma Thoenes.
Pants by Stella Lavinia and top, Irene Luft. Photo by Emma Thoenes.
Dress by Lana Mueller. Photo by Emma Thoenes.
Top by Miu Miu, tights, Falke. Photo by Emma Thoenes.
Overall by Michael Michalssky, catsuit by Florentine Leitner. Photo by Emma Thoenes.
Dress by Lana Mueller. Photo by Emma Thoenes.
Dress by Florentine Leitner. Photo by Emma Thoenes.