Reading Hands: Which Nail Colours are On Trend for Fall 2021?

BeautyOctober 15, 2021

Beauty and fashion can change rapidly, and keeping up with the trends is part of the fun for style lovers. But when we talk about nail style, we enter in a very special area, almost an obsession. The hashtag #nails have been posted more than 151 million times on Instagram, for instance. Your nails are super rated accessories, and are painted and primped to express your style, taste and which group you belong. Although we think nail art is fun, in this article we’re just going to talk about nail colours trends fall 2021. So, let’s getting your nails done.

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Deep Nudes and Taupes

After a deeply complicated year, sometimes it’s best to keep manicures simple and timeless. Deep nudes and taupe-coloured styles are a nail polish colour trend for 2021, and one of their key benefits is that they go with absolutely everything. These shades are so chic that they break hearts like a football player breaks nails.

Rich, Chocolate Browns

What’s better for fall than a rich autumnal brown? Probably nothing. Deep, robust browns with tons of glossy shine are an essential trend this fall. Match them with your favourite brown boots, handbag, or leather jacket. 

Plums and Maroons

As we move to colder months, it’s only natural that our nail colours take on deeper hues. Plums, maroons, and wine-inspired manicures are perfect for this time of year, and they look effortlessly classy on any nail shape. 

The “Skittle” Mani

Back again for another season, the “skittle” manicure—which features a different but complementary or analogous colour on each fingernail—is perfect for when you just can’t decide which colour you want. These multi-coloured manicures are anything but childish, and in fall tones, they can look very mature.  

Go Green

Green has been everywhere when it comes to clothes and accessories, and nails are not an exception. Deep emerald greens and olive greens are the obvious choices for a fall nail look, but mid-tone and even minty greens are on trend for this season. Green is one of the biggest nail colours trends this fall 2021.

Yellow Tones

If you want to go bold with your mani this fall, consider yellow shades. Marigolds and mustards are the perfect accompaniment to fall’s changing leaf colours. We know, it’s a strong move to wear this nail polish trends for fall 2021, but yellow makes everyone happy!

Sparkle it Up

No matter the season, you can never go wrong with some glitz and glam. Try a sparkly manicure, or if it seems too bold for you, opt for a sparkly touch on some fun geometric nail art. If not, celebrate yourself and draw attention with a full shimmery set of nails. 

No panicure, nails done, hair done, everything big this Fall.

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