Mindful drinking: a new lifestyle trend The launch of LYRE'S and Praterstrasse.

LifestyleTrendsSeptember 11, 2020

There’s a new trend that has been slowly gaining popularity among influencers and Instagrammers; “mindful drinking”. Long gone are the days when no self-respecting it-girl would be seen without a glass of champagne in hands. In fact, partying, alcohol-fueled, all night long used to be a must among la crème de la crème. But being sober has never been as glamorous as today, and alcohol-free drinks are becoming cool. Women like the British model Adwoa Abboah, Pixie Geldof and even Kate Moss have adopted this new lifestyle trend. And we see party girls and celebrities of all ages sharing proudly how long they have been sober for on Instagram.

Sober is the new sexy 

We love to party, of course, but many also want to be able to drive back home and wake up the next day without a hangover. Not to mention that trying to dance, or worse, flirt, while drunk, isn’t really a pretty sight. So, many people are changing the way they feel about alcohol, and are adopting the mindful drinking lifestyle. Additionally, the stylish set of sober party-goers is making alcohol-free drinks sexy.

Is Mindful drinking a thing?

Mindful drinking is about being in control and deciding what and when to drink. In other words, if you want to enjoy a bubbly or two when going out, mindful drinking means you’d alternate them with non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol-free drinks are becoming a trend that is spreading not only in America but also across Europe. In fact, 66 per cent of young adults state they’re cutting down on alcohol this year, and some are even banishing it altogether. Enjoying their new clean-living, they celebrate with mocktails at sobriety suppers (the hottest events right now) or in trendy alcohol-free bars like the hip Redemption Bar in London’s Notting Hill. 

Non-alcoholic spirit for mindful drinking
Notorious tasting the new no-alcoholic drink

Mindful drinking trend arrived in Vienna

We were invited to the re-opening of the Praterstrasse, a new bar in Vienna’s 2nd district, which had first opened its doors one week before lockdown. The event happened together with the launch in Austria of LYRE’S, Australia’s pioneer non-alcoholic spirits. LYRE’S 13 spirits range from Dry London Spirit to Italian Spritz and Orange Sec. The Australian company produces alcohol-free versions of your favourite spirits, which are perfect to prepare all kinds of non-alcoholic and alcohol-reduced cocktails for the mindful-drinking set. By the way, LYRE’S is the most awarded non-alcoholic drink with 42 awards Spirits brand worldwide. Now, thanks to LYRE’S, Vienna has a new option for those who don’t want to forego the pleasure of classic drinks but also don’t want booze. Watch the video below.

[fvplayer id=”34″]

The Praterstrasse

The Praterstrasse was launched by two club-legends. They were behind the famous Pratersauna, Albertinapassage and many other night clubs in Vienna. Praterstrasse is a super sleek bar with upscale gastronomy and dance floor. Its high-tech club room in the back looks fab, with walls entirely covered in lush blue velvet and a massive red chandelier. The new Viennese spot is located in former television studios that were redesigned by Philipp Brandstätter and Andreas Pust. But Praterstrasse is more than a bar; it is the first “hybrid bar” in Vienna. With its openable facade, it will be the go-to place to have an espresso in the morning, midday lunch or an afternoon coffee. Later, it will turn into an after-work cocktail bar (for mindful drinking or not), before becoming a night club.

The amazing decor of the high-tech club room at Praterstrasse, for mindful drinking or not.
The amazing interior decor – Photo @Mato Johannik – courtesy @Praterstrasse.

Due to the corona situation, Praterstrasse will initially only be opened with limited bar operations: Wed / Thu 6 p.m.-1 a.m., and Fri / Sat 4 p.m.-1 a.m.

Praterstraße 18, 1020 Vienna.
Entry after 10 pm: Aspernbrückengasse 2