Major sneaker trend fall 2020: sustainable brands Zalando x Adidas.

September 15, 2020

Sustainability is more than a buzzword or a passing whim; it is a growing concern among the fashion industry and its consumers. This is why sustainable brands are the hottest sneaker trend for fall 2020. Aware of our zeitgeist, Zalando and Adidas are collaborating in the project Take the First Step, that aims to put an end to plastic waste. 

Watch the video and learn how you too, can help save the planet with extremely simple actions.

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Clean Classics

Adidas has already taken its first step in this direction, launching the Clean Classics. This new sustainable sneaker collection is bound to become a significant sneaker trend for fall 2020. Adidas reinterpreted classic sneakers like the iconic Stan Smith, Supercourt, Superstar and Continental 80 with the use of recycled and innovative materials. For example, the upper of these sustainable sneakers are 70% recycled material, and their soles, 90% natural and 10% recycled rubber. Additionally, insoles are from renewable material that is both recyclable and non-toxic, and laces are made of paper. Adidas also uses algae to produce BLOOM Foam, thus helping to clean the oceans. And the innovative pattern process reduces unnecessary waste.

Woman wearing a red dress and parka with the sustainable sneaker trend.

Can the sustainable sneaker trend fall 2020 save the planet?

According to a survey by Pulse of the Fashion Industry, “Over a third of surveyed consumers have already actively switched from their preferred brand to another because it credibly stands for positive environmental and/or social practices”. Those are very good news but only choosing sustainable sneakers is not enough. As Zalando and Adidas state in their video, “This shoe alone won’t save the planet, but our actions can”.

French model in the streets of Paris, wearing sports clothes and sneakers by Adidas.

How to take your first step

The short-film filmed in Paris and Berlin draws attention to environmental pollution by plastic. Starring French model Clara Berry and Oumi Janta, the campaign encourages people to take steps towards a better and sustainable future. By the way, the videos the Berliner roller skater posts on Instagram have already gone viral. Zalando and Adidas show us that besides wearing the sustainable sneaker trend for fall 2020, there are many small steps each of us can take.

Model wearing the sustainable sneaker trend, and in the background, a stunning view of Paris.

The Clean Classics collection is available at Zalando and Adidas.

Photos courtesy of Zalando and Adidas.