Macro-trend 20/21: we’re longing for a simpler life What does it mean?

October 2, 2020

Besides the noticeable changes like social-distancing and self-isolation, the pandemic has highlighted a growing general feeling. We are longing for a simpler life more than ever. But what exactly does this macro-trend mean in 2020?

Our appearance

If before, we used to get dressed for the others, now we’re doing it for ourselves. Since most of us are working from home, we worry less about having to make a good impression or even, wanting to impress others with the clothes we’re wearing to be accepted. Instead, our longing for a simpler life means that comfortable shoes and garments that are easy to wash and iron are significant trends in 2020. But that’s not all. Most of us have realized that it was depressing to spend the days in over-worn T-shirts and old sweatpants from college and that wearing a little makeup could make all the difference in the way we feel. Which takes me to the next point: we need beauty to feel good, even when living a simple life. 

Woman walking in the countryside; the macro-trend of a simpler life in 2020.

Why is beauty essential?

Beauty is a transcendental value that elevates us as human beings. We may not need sequins and luxurious china in a simpler life, but that doesn’t mean we should become slobs. Wearing clean, ironed clothes and setting the table nicely instead of eating from a Tupperware in front of the TV certainly has a substantial impact on how we see ourselves and consequently, how others see us. So, esthetics play an essential role in the macro-trend 2020. It’s not about vanity but about the appreciation of beauty.

Architecture and life

To better understand how the macro-trend 2020 of living a simpler life and esthetics are deeply connected, we’ll use an example from the Spanish engineer and catholic bishop, Alvaro del Portillo. He compared our lives to architecture. We need an architectural project before building a house. Space is divided into several areas; the living room, the kitchen, the bedrooms. Such an organization is crucial for life to flow and indeed flourish in this space. The same happens in our lives. We need to organize our day-to-day in a way that we can thrive. A self-care routine is a must. Showering, combing our hair, wearing nice and clean clothes, decluttering and keeping the house tidy, putting a vase of flowers on the table, all these simple things reflect on our lives.

Stylish man enjoying nature, a macro-trend of living a simpler life in 2020.

Our focus

We’ve gotten used to Zoom meetings and video calls with friends and family. In these lockdown-video-chatting times, instead of being distracted by the clothes we wear, our focus is on the conversations we’re having. Wanting a simpler life also leads us to pay more attention to the content rather than the form. In fact, this macro-trend 2020 takes us to a deeper and more meaningful connection with others. Simplicity means we focus on what really matters, which, of course, is not a simple thing to achieve, but indeed a goal to aspire.

“Simplicity is an achievement. It follows from a hard-won clarity about what matters.” Alain De Botton.

Simplicity in fashion

Although we’re talking about a macro-trend in 2020, the desire of living a simple, yet memorable, life is not a new thing. It is a longing that has been growing in the past years. The movement Lagom, created in Sweden, is the best example of it.

In the video below, we show you how to start living in a simpler way hence more intensely. We’ve listed small steps you can take to introduce new habits that will have a significant impact and help your balance. Esthetics and beauty are essential.

Watch the video to better understand why we will see in the next years, the valorization of all that’s hand-made, made-to-order and personalized. We’ll be more interested in knowing where the clothes and items we consume come from. And more importantly, we’ll want to know how these items were produced. Additionally, natural fabrics will be our number one choice. But we’ll also be open to new materials resulting from scientific research; for example, the new types of leather produced from cactuses.

Nature and technology will walk hand-in-hand in the next years. And honesty and transparency is what we’ll look for in the brands we consume.

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Burlington generously provided us with these fantastic images. Take a look at their new AW 20-21 „Back to the Roots“ collection.