Linen is the favourite material for summer ’19

April 30, 2019

Photos courtesy of Adriana Fortunato

Linen is the absolute favourite material for this summer, not only in fashion but also in decoration. The natural fabric has been the synonym of chicness and savoir-vivre since the beginning of times. Looking at beautiful linen bed and table covers, I can’t help dreaming of “Il Gattopardo” and summer days in elegant Sicilian palaces, with the sea breeze softly blowing through the curtains while I enjoy the dolce far niente wearing some fabulous palazzo pants in linen, of course!

The beautiful fabric is woven with fibres of the stalks of the Linum, or flax plant, one of the oldest cultivated plants in the history of humankind. Linen is THE summer material by excellence because of its fantastic coolness and freshness during humid and hot weather, and it dries faster than cotton. The wealthier class used linen in Ancient Mesopotamia and then, in Ancient Egypt, not only in clothes but also to wrap mummies as a sign of purity and wealth.

In decoration, linen has been used for centuries to make the elegant bed and table coverings and towels that we love so much.

The Italo-Brasilian Adriana Fortunato shows us how to use this luxurious material in decoration; she designs her home collections of table, bed and bathroom linen using only natural fibres and “Masters of Linen” certified fabric. Fortunato says that “Our challenge is to give importance the material rather than the form.” She adds “Our proposal reaffirms our idea of beauty: a condition that is associated with the production process and not the immediacy of fashion. We favour natural raw materials and authorial manual skills.”

The textile designer, who lives and works in Milan, launched at the Fuorisalone, during the Milan Design Week 2019, the “Black is on the Table” collection that takes the colour black from fashion to the table, giving a chic frame to table linen and home-living accessories. It is also a sustainable manner to restore the dignity to old, forgotten yellowed laces that once belonged to our grandmothers, by dying them in black.

You can find Fortunato’s chic and luxurious home accessories in Milan, at Distretto Italia Interiors, an interior design studio and concept store curated by Barbara Vergnano to present Italian style living.