London street style: Brits during fashion week

November 6, 2018

London has always been a blast for fashion and street-style lovers. The British capital is the birthplace of many significant trends, such as the Mods and Rockers, the 60s mini-skirts, the Punks, the New Wave and New Romantics, and hosts the much-awaited LFW twice a year. Therefore, London’s street style is as lively and exciting as it gets. And here we are showing you the main street-style trends spotted during the London Fashion Week.


Checkered prints are quintessentially British – think of Burberry and tartans – and are very on-trend worldwide. You can wear a checkered skirt or pants with a plain top or mix colours and prints to give your look more edge and coolness. London street style sends a message that we should pay attention to heritage and classic patterns.

collage showing 3 fashionistas wearing checked outfits during LFW

All Denim

All-denim outfits were everywhere in London street style. To get the Denim-on-Denim look right, better wear the same wash or dark jeans for a sophisticated look. Mixed shades of blue need great accessories and result in a more casual look. We bet this trend will win the hearts of the British girls and stay for many seasons.

collage with 3 fashionistas wearing all denim outfits

Something Green

Green was the colour choice of many in London. Whether bottle-green or lighter shades of green, we spotted it everywhere. Since green symbolises growth, freshness, and fertility, it looks like there is a future for British fashion post-Brexit after all. We love the combination of green pullover and pink corduroy trousers.

collage with 3 fashionistas wearing outfits with green jackets, pullover and pants

Animal prints

London is known for being at the forefront of fashion and habits trends. And this year, we observed the presence of modern classics such as animal print. So do like in the collage title and bet on the new tiger print jeans and snake coat, and also on the timeless leopard coat.