Lanserhof Lans hotel – Valentine’s inspiration Day 4

February 8, 2019

Images courtesy of Lanserhof – Photograpfer Alexander Haiden

Picture a luxurious hotel in the Austrian Alps, with an indoor/outdoor swimming pool, steam room, sauna, spa amenities and amazing views of the Tylorian mountains, where you can escape from the stressful daily life and relax. Lanserhof Lans is where Hollywood and rock stars, jet-setters, CEOs and billionaires go to lose a few kilos, de-stress and detox, and so can you. Now what’s more romantic than taking time off with your special someone to unwind and take care of your health together?

Lanserhof Lans- outdoor-pool-© Alexander Haiden

Lanserhof’s medical director, Dr Georg Kettenhuber, explains that almost all of our health problems are caused by overworked digestive organs. To overcome this problem, Kettenhuber combines the “cure”, a detox of the digestive organs, created by the Austrian Dr Franz Mayr around 1901, and Western and Eastern medicine.

People like Carolina Herrera, Uma Thurman, Karlie Kloss, Christian Louboutin, the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and the Delevigne sisters, Cara and Poppy, to name just a few, are fans of the hotel and the Mayr cure, the most famous detox in Europe. Among the many A-list costumers are also many people recovering from cancer treatments or sports injuries.

Lanserhof Lans hotel -  Valentine's inspiration Day 4

The detox is combined with customized modern treatments such as mineral and vitamin intravenous, cryotherapy, sleep monitoring and even analysis in the psychology department. The treatments to intensify the detoxification include draining massage, hot foot baths, walks in a shallow cold pool and long hikes in the snowy forest with breathtaking views.

The results are incredible; your skin will look wonderful and your energy levels will be as high as never before. Almost 80% of the customers have already done the cure before, many, several times. So if you’re looking for a romantic place for Valentine’s, look no further. Spend some days with your sweetheart in the quiet Alps to boost together your energy and health, and of course, come back home not only feeling renewed and closer to your dear one but also with glowing skin and a few kilos less!