Know first-hand Lidewij Edelkoort’s trend forecast for 2019

December 6, 2018

Fashion is in constant transformation, so before you invest in new staples, check here what is the 2019 “Goddesses trend” so that you can make the most of your new wardrobe pieces.

One of the top trend experts in the world, Lidewij Edelkoort, stated that the main themes for next year would be “Goddesses” for fashion, and “On Safari” for active wear. Let’s see what that means in real life.

In 2019, street-style influencers won’t dictate trends anymore; it will be the other way round. Fashion designers will create collections with luxurious materials in regal colours and will use technology to achieve new shapes, pleats and drapery fit for your inner goddess. The grand designs will emphasise women’s femininity and natural beauty, so get ready to say goodbye to basic streetwear and start polishing your tiaras!

Legends and fairy tales from around the world tell stories of different goddesses, each with specific strengths and characters, be it war, hunting, love, peace, maternal or manual labour. According to the Dutch trend guru, each ancient goddess is a female archetype. Edelkoort says you should analyse which goddess’ characteristics reflect the most in your nature so that you can discover the type of clothes you should be wearing in 2019:

Mother Nature

Know first-hand the 2019 Goddesses trend

Earthy colours, which we are already wearing this season, will be a significant trend for 2019. Life is born from Mother Nature; she is warm and hospitable. Expect to see a lot of natural fabrics like cotton and linen naturally died with mineral colours, the silhouette will be more generous, and because fashion will be for Goddesses, we will have rich velvet – even in summer – and opulent silk pyjamas, belted tunics and shirt-dresses.


Know first-hand the 2019 Goddesses trend

This goddess’ fresh look will inspire those who like a girly style: sheer fabrics, plenty of pleats, tulle and lace worn with colourful makeup. Add the coquette Aphrodite, the goddess of love, to this equation, and you will get a girly yet seductive look that includes lots of accessories and colours like pink, red and purple, which, by the way, women of all ages can wear.


Know first-hand the 2019 Goddesses trend

The adventurous goddess, who always had around a group of nymphs, represents the growing movement of cohesion among women that we are living now. Artemis wore beautiful but comfortable clothes and shoes, and in 2019, so will you: practical but feminine activewear, tunics and uniforms, flat shoes and sandals.

Flora and Fauna

Know first-hand the 2019 Goddesses trend

Many fashion houses like Valentino, Gucci and Dolce & Gabanna are already showing us the influence of the twin goddesses, with collections full of flowers and animals in opulent colours. In 2019, this trend will continue hot, and you will happily mix different prints and hues.


Know first-hand the 2019 Goddesses trend

Goddesses from Peru, Brazil, India and Africa are the inspiration for this trend. We will see plenty of bright colours, embroideries and traditional weaving techniques, perfect for women who are tired of the modern, clean style and want to return to a more natural, exotic and sustainable world. These women will, of course, wear golden jewellery, shoes and bags, and hand-made accessories with colourful feathers and beads.


Know first-hand the 2019 Goddesses trend

The goddess of fertility, she is the mother who cares and helps everyone. Demeter is the inspiration for the Prairie dresses we’ve been wearing, the high-waisted pants and long skirts in modest fabrics.


Know first-hand the 2019 Goddesses trend

The goddess of peace and diplomacy’s colour is white and all its shades. In 2019, you will be able to handle any difficult situation in sculptural long white or off-white dresses. The “non-colour” will be one of the primary colour trends for next year, together with gold.

The Old Goddess

Know first-hand the 2019 Goddesses trend

In 2019 we will pay tribute to diversity, especially to the beauty of old age, with pleats that represent fine lines and wrinkles, and a shade palette of greys and beiges. Instead of trying to hide age with cosmetic surgeries and young-looking clothes, we will celebrate it with old fabrics such as linen and lace, and hand-spun threads. The Old Goddess is wise and powerful, and we should be so lucky to become like her.


Photos via Shutterstock / Collage by Notorious-mag