These are the jeans you’re going to wear in 2021 The coolest denim trend on Instagram.

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I wanted to start 2021 with a great new pair of jeans to wear but finding what I had in mind was pretty difficult. I was looking for something different from what I already had, but not too different because I like denim that’s classic enough to be wearable and timeless. Additionally, I’m not too fond of denim trousers with embellishments, but still, I want my jeans to have some detail that makes them special. So I was more than pleased when I found all I was looking for in one pair of denim trousers, and I’m sure you too, will love to wear this jeans trend in 2021.

What’s special about the Criss Cross jeans model?

From afar, the Criss Cross jeans seem pretty classic. That is because the denim trousers come with a high-rise waist and a flawless straight-leg cut. But from near, you’ll notice that the vintage-style jeans you’ll want to wear in 2021 have a detail that makes all the difference.

The trousers’ waist overlaps, creating an asymmetric design. By unconventionally positioning the zipper and button, the fashion designers created the jeans to wear in 2021. As a matter of fact, several fashion-savvy Instagrammers are already wearing this cool denim trend.

In other words, these jeans are classics with a twist; both effortlessly chic and extremely cool. In fact, the asymmetric zipper and button detail elevates the minimalist model and makes it look more expensive than it really is.

A bit more about Agolde jeans

Agolde is a premium denim label that makes the amazing jeans you’ll surely want to wear in 2021. The L.A-based brand is quickly becoming a favourite among models like Elite’s Coral Simanovich. We’ve also spotted fashion influencers like the Dutch Amaka Hamelinjnck wearing what we predict will be a hot denim trend in 2021.

There are some reasons why we love this fashion label. Agolde’s design collective reinterprets classic vintage silhouettes. The American brand uses sustainable denim and the latest technologies to reduce their imprint on the environment. To sum up; it’s a cool and timeless jeans design to wear paired with sustainability, a win-win match for 2021.

Besides this fab jeans trend, there are also shorts and miniskirts with the same asymmetrical construction to wear in spring/summer 2021. In other words, the L.A. denim label is a fashion brand to keep an eye on. And it is definitely my jeans choice to start this year in style.

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