Is it ok to show your emotions in public?

March 14, 2019

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith at Karate Kid Premiere, via Shutterstock

We’ve been hearing and reading over the years about the importance of showing our emotions and expressing our feelings but is it okay to show them in public? Where must we draw the line?

We are encouraged nowadays to get in touch with and understand our emotions, to express our feelings and talk about them, so much so that some people think the world is their own group-therapy.

Of course, it is positive to be transparent and authentic in your private and professional life; leaders who have emotional intelligence are more successful, but this doesn’t mean that you should wear your heart on your sleeve everywhere and all the time.

What about crying?


While it is quite normal and acceptable to cry – discreetly – in a wedding, if you do the same in the front row of a fashion show, you will seem a bit too emotional, and quite frankly, kind of unbalanced. As with everything in life, there is a time and a place to open up and being vulnerable, unless, of course, you want to make the front page of all the papers and become the star of a viral video like a certain singer during Paris Fashion Week.

Saying what you feel.


In some situations, showing your emotions is plain rude. Talking about your most personal problems and saying anything that comes to your mind just because you think you must be transparent and sincere, in the middle of a dinner party or at work, will make people around you very uncomfortable. I would compare it, if I may, to a fart; maybe it felt good to let it out, but basically, you have poisoned the room!

Public display of affection.


Public displays of affection are also tricky. It’s okay to show sometimes some affection, but with discretion. Big passionate love scenes and big fights in front of others are a NO-GO. Couples making out or discussing in public are embarrassing, do get a room or wait till you get home. Please, do not make a scene at the restaurant.

Look how cute we are!

Being lovey-dovey in public is not only very annoying but also a bit silly, I mean, do you really have to hold hands everywhere you go? Are you that afraid that your loved one is going to run away if you don’t cling to his arm (did I hear Meghan?), or is it that now that you are a couple, you forgot how to walk unaided? IMHO, I find it a bit ridiculous to see all these big Hollywood stars walking hand-in-hand on the red carpet like kindergarten children.

Why do you think we don’t see Queen Elisabeth II, for example, holding hands with her husband, Prince Philip, or William and Kate publicly displaying their affection? Is it because they don’t love each other? Or is it because they know they do not want to turn their lives into a soap opera?


Having said all that, I must say a sweet moment shared with your someone special, when in healthy doses, is undoubtedly good for the couple and endearing for those around, one just needs to use common sense to know when too much is too much.