Interview with podcasters Max and Jakob from “Beste Freundinnen”

March 29, 2019

Podcasts are the perfect way to get some information or entertainment on-the-go. Finding the right one that you are looking forward to every week is hard work though. Recommendations from friends, an ad you saw somewhere or the top list in a magazine could be possible sources, but why rely on them, when you can actually have some advice from us?

We here at Notorious started listening to the podcasts “Beste Freundinnen” and “Beste Vaterfreuden” some time ago and ever since are always impatiently waiting for new episodes. Max and Jakob, the two guys behind the successful podcasts, live in Berlin with their girlfriends and children and talk about relationships, sex and parenting. Besides recording their two podcasts, they are currently on tour and we were lucky enough to meet them in Vienna before their show to ask them some burning questions.

You talk a lot about your girlfriends in your podcasts. What do they actually say about them and have they ever been a problem for them?

Max: I kept the podcast a secret for a really long time and when I finally told my girlfriend, she was not that happy about it and I really thought about quitting because of her. After some time though, I decided to continue and now she supports what I am doing. There still happen to be some conflicts, but those just make us stronger. 

Jakob: For me, the podcast often works as a tool of communication. I know exactly when my girlfriend has listened to it because she is always in a bad mood then (laughs).

Are there any topics that you are not allowed to talk about according to them?

Jakob: No, not at all. I once asked my girlfriend about it and she was like “Just go for it”.

Max: In my relationship, it is a bit different. If I just talk about myself, there is no problem at all. When it comes to issues that also concern my girlfriend, I am very careful though. I want to protect her and don´t want her to get hurt in any way.

You show a lot about yourselves and speak quite open in your podcasts. Do you play some sort of role or would you say you are the exact same in real life?

Max: We are definitely the same as we are in the podcasts. Sometimes though, it happens that we feel like we are just talking to each other when we are recording. This creates a kind of communication that is more intimate, one that might differ from when we would speak in front of a bigger group.

Jakob: Since we are anonymous, it really feels like we are just talking to each other in the podcast and even though people listen to it, they don´t know who we are.

Many of your listeners get tips from your second podcast “Beste Vaterfreuden“. Where do you get advice from?

Jakob: I don´t get any specific tips. One of my sisters is a child care worker, the other is a teacher, both of my brothers-in-law are teachers and my mother is a paediatric nurse. Those are the kind of people who might influence me, but apart from that I just have a look at what is good for my daughter and act intuitively.

Max: We try to do things a bit different to how our parents did them. We go with our guts and when we make decisions, we always have our children´s welfare in mind. In one of the latest Vaterfreuden episodes, we also said that we want to teach our children to doubt authorities as soon as possible and the first ones in line are of course the parents. My daughter is three and a half now and can already argue in that way and I think it is quite interesting to observe.  

Becoming a dad means all kinds of changes. Would you say that your sense of style has also changed since then?

Jakob: I´d say since we are on tour and people can actually see us, we have definitely spent more money on clothes, but we still try to keep it low. Sometimes I get clothed at my job, so I don´t really have to worry about that.

Max: I started thinking about it more to be honest. Before that I never really paid a lot of attention to clothes. Don´t get me wrong, I am still not a trendsetter or anything, with kids it primarily has to be practical. 

Do you guys have a favourite brand that you would like to recommend?

Jakob: We always shop fairtrade and sustainable and generally try not to buy too much. You don´t have to go with every trend, you can also just walk to your local second-hand store and see what they have there. When it comes to brands, we are quite label-free, but if I buy something for my daughter, I usually shop at Hess Natur. 


Photo: Mila Guan