Immune boost trips: the new super high luxury destinations Richer and healthier.

AgelessLifestyleMarch 05, 2021

Although I wouldn’t mind a little escapade to Capri or Biarritz, what I really want, right now, is an immune boost trip to one of these super high luxury destinations. In fact, the new darling destinations of rich and famous jet-setters promise more than just relaxation, they offer intense programmes that fuse high-tech medicine with traditional healing treatments to supercharge and boost your immune system. And, although pricey, the luxurious SPA clinics are booming, with health-conscious VIPs coming from all over the world to spend some days (and several thousand euros) at these wellness temples.

So, here are the most luxurious and effective immune boost destinations I want to go to ASAP.

Lanserhof, Austria

Lanserhof is one of the most famous luxurious SPA clinics in Europe. Located in the Tyrolean Alps, it is where Hollywood and rock stars, jet-setters, CEOs and billionaires go to lose a few kilos, de-stress and detox. And now, the well-known wellness destination is also offering special programmes to give your body an immune boost. This includes an antibody test and cryotherapy sessions. Additionally, you can have IV infusions designed to strengthen your immune system with Vitamin C, amino acids and zinc, among others.

Austrian Spa with immune boost treatments.
Photo @lanserhof

Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

This Swiss clinic became internationally famous after treating Pope Pius XII in 1953. Professor Paul Niehans began developing his pioneering cellular therapy 90 years ago to slow down ageing by stimulating the immune system. The big hit at this luxury destination in these Coronavirus times is a 5-day Immunity Boost programme. It includes, firstly, medical check-up and blood analysis. Then, you’ll receive state-of-the-art treatments like cryotherapy, immunotherapy, infra therapy and IV infusions to strengthen your body. Finally, you’ll learn all about the right nutrients to continue boosting your immune system once you’re back home.

Swiss luxurious destination to boost your immune system.
Photo @cliniquelaprairie

The Original FX Mayr, Austria

Mayr Immunity Boost programme aims to mobilize your immune defences. The programme activates your cells and intestines, in which 70 to 80 per cent of the body’s immune reactions happen. It includes oxygen therapy, stress-release massage, and immune drip. Additionally, you’ll get nasal reflexology, inhalation, and special nutrition to boost the immune system at this destination world-famous for the Mayr Cure.

Famous Mayer spa in Austria.
Photo @the_original_fx_mayr

Palazzo Fiuggi, Italy

Recently restored, Palazzo Fiuggi is a famous wellness destination because of its renowned healing waters that allegedly has healing properties. Among the most luxurious spa clinics, this grand palazzo is the perfect destination to reset and boost your immune system with treatments that increase vital energy and achieve long-term good health. The five-star hotel with luxurious wellness facilities surrounded by woods and mountains also features Italy’s oldest golf course.

Luxurious spa at Italian palazzo for an immune boost.
Photo @palazzofiuggi

Sha Wellness Clinic, Spain

Located near Alicante, the Spanish wellness clinic combines natural therapies with highly therapeutic nutrition, preventive medicine, genetics and anti-ageing. Their new gut health programme was developed to boost the immune system by restoring balance and improving your digestive system. The week-long detox begins with several tests and nutrigenetics profiles before prescribing the right treatments for you. These include various natural therapies and intestinal ozone therapy. A balanced nutrition plan will also help improve your immune and neuroendocrine systems. And finally, a re-education to learn healthy habits. All of this in a breath-taking scenery.

Spanish luxurious Spa destination to boost immune system.
Photo @shawellness

Villa Stéphanie, Germany

Situated next to the Black Forest, the iconic hotel, Spa and medical care centre is the right place if you want to boost your immune system in a truly luxurious and exclusive destination. The week-long Immune Care programme was specially designed because of the COVID pandemic to increase the body’s protection against viruses. It includes IV infusions with homoeopathic remedies, zinc and vitamin C. Also, you will have ozone therapy, oxygen inhalation, massages, hikes and much more.

Exclusive destination with Spa treatments in Germany.
Photo @villastephaniebadenbaden

RAKxa, Thailand

For those wanting to go a bit further, the brand new RAXxa has just opened in December 2020 in Bangkok’s Bang Krachao, or “green lung”, a protected city jungle. This wellness retreat’s holistic approach is combined with modern medical treatments as ozone therapy, immune-boosting IV infusions, colon therapy, and blood ozone therapy. You can choose from three programmes; the Immunity Booster, the Detox, and the Gut Health programme. Besides the desired immune boost, the accommodations of this luxury destination are quite fabulous; villas with gardens, yoga space and private pools.  

Luxurious wellness spa in Thailand.
Photo via RAKxa

Finally, if what you’re looking for is a hotel with an unusual history, watch the video about the Hotel Elephant.

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