How to clean your jewellery in times of Coronavirus.

FashionJewelleryApril 07, 2020

In these times of Coronavirus, we’d like to talk about how to clean your jewellery. Because lately, we’ve heard a lot about how to wash our hands properly. But what about our rings, for example? Since COVID-19 can survive up to nine days on metal, glass and plastic surfaces, unless you know how to clean your jewellery pieces properly, wearing them could be dangerous now.

How to wash hands wearing jewellery?

Don’t. According to doctors, you should remove rings, bracelets and watches before washing your hands and wrists. Your baubles, especially rings, could hide COVID-19 germs since you cannot clean thoroughly underneath them. And most importantly, remember you must clean your jewellery correctly before replacing them, to avoid contamination.

Should you stop wearing jewellery now?

Some women may find it easier to stop wearing jewels during this period. But the majority, even staying home and social distancing, keep wearing their favourite jewels that have become part of them. For example, they wear every day their wedding and engagement rings, necklaces and bracelets that have sentimental value. Most feel naked without these pieces. Additionally, wearing jewellery during the Coronavirus quarantine helps women psychologically. The sparking baubles make them feel beautiful and done up, which is crucial to fight the temptation of staying in pyjamas all day.

How to clean your jewellery properly?

1 – Dishwasher and hot water

An effortless manner of cleaning most jewellery is by soaking them in a bowl of hot water with a bit of washing up liquid. With an extra soft toothbrush, gently brush to loosen the debris. Then rinse them off in warm running water. Finally, dry your jewels with a soft cotton cloth or let them air dry. You can use this method with jewellery pieces have hard gemstones like diamonds, rubies or sapphires.

2 – Hot water

For porous or softer gemstones like opals, turquoise and pearls, use only hot water and an extra soft toothbrush to clean them. Then, let them air dry over a cotton cloth. Pearls especially can be easily damaged by household products containing alcohol, baking soda or vinegar. Avoid using hand sanitizer when wearing these more delicate gems.

3 – Vinegar

Clean your gold and silver jewellery using white vinegar. Place the jewels in a small bowl of vinegar and let them soak for around 15 to 20 minutes. For very tarnished silver pieces, you can leave them sit in the vinegar for up to two hours. Then, rinse running water and pat them dry with a soft cotton cloth. White vinegar is an excellent natural cleanser that removes buildup and brings the sparkle back to your gold and silver baubles.

Some delicate heirloom and vintage pieces may need a professional cleaning service. If you have doubts about it, better wait until you can visit a jeweller to ask for advice.  

4 – Disinfectant

Spray disinfectant without chlorine and without Alcohol can keep your silver and gold pieces clean without problem. The spray is recommended for when you are out of home; in the car, in the office, doing your errands.

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