How to buy less, shop better and be more stylish Sustainability is the new black.

February 5, 2020

I’m sure you’re all fully aware by now, that you need a more sustainable wardrobe. That’s why we’re here to show you how to buy less, shop better and be more stylish. You may ask yourself; how is that even possible? I know it seems contradictory, to look smarter by buying less, but trust me, if you follow our tips, you will transform your wardrobe in no time.

The good news is that you don’t need to stop shopping, you just need to change some of your habits to be able to buy less, shop better and be more stylish.

Party outfits

You need a fabulous outfit to go to your ex’s wedding and, of course, you want to look better than anybody else, and by that, I mean the bride. Even so, before buying, ask yourself, “Is this new dress versatile enough so that I can wear it not only to this party but also to other occasions?”

Look for timeless garments that you can wear several times instead of choosing the latest trend. You can then add trendy accessories to give nowness to your classic clothes. Read our article “These jewellery trends will help you update your look for 2020“, to learn how to accessorise cleverly to change your look over and over. A versatile dress should look dressy enough for a party when worn with heels and jewellery, but relaxed enough to wear it to the office when paired with a blazer and boots or sneakers.

two fashionistas at Milan fashion week as an example on how to buy less, shop better and be more stylish
Street style during Fashion Week, via Shutterstock

Office looks

Think of the most stylish women you know, and you will realise they all have a uniform. They know precisely what style suits them and they make it their uniform. Have a look at the style of 5 of the most powerful women according to Forbes, to better understand how to find your own style. Having a uniform will make shopping for office outfits less complicated and time-consuming. And because you know that new piece goes well with the rest of your clothes, you can be sure it will come out of the wardrobe very often. The go-to office uniform for executive women is a well-cut suit that you can pair with different blouses, shoes and accessories to obtain several looks. If you work in a more informal office, your workwear uniform should include tailored pants and nice tops like a striped Breton T-shirt; pair them with flat ballerinas for a typically French girl style. Find more inspiration in the article 5 Instagrams to Get the Real French Girl Style

two fashionistas at Milan fashion week as an example on how to buy less, shop better and be more stylish
Street style during Fashion Week, via Shutterstock

Be realistic

Don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit you or is not your style, even if it’s on sale, at a fraction of the original price. You shouldn’t purchase nor keep in the wardrobe clothes that you think will fit you one day, once you finally start a diet and going to the gym. Be realistic and don’t fool yourself; it’s time to let go of those cute jeans you wore ten years ago and made your bum look fantastic that you can’t get into anymore.

Make space in your wardrobe

Having a wardrobe stuffed with clothes you never wear only makes you feel you have nothing to wear, which will lead you to our next point. Take time to analyse all you have in your wardrobe, especially those garments lost in the back of the lower drawers that you’ve forgotten you had. Make it a rule; if you haven’t worn it for six months or a year, it’s time to consider donating it. Decluttering your wardrobe will keep the remaining clothes happier and make your life much easier when choosing what to wear.

Don’t shop in desperation

Never go on a shopping spree after having that feeling you don’t have anything to wear. You will end up wanting to buy an entire new wardrobe with the latest trends. Instead, shop consciously. Invest now and then in some better quality pieces that you can wear with the ones you already own and remember to stick to your style. This way, you will slowly build up a consistent capsule wardrobe and always have fresh new looks by cleverly styling.

Take good care of your clothes

Now that you’ve gotten rid of all you don’t wear and have more space in the wardrobe; your clothes can hang nicely and better breathe. Because let’s face it, it is impossible to be stylish in wrinkled and crinkled clothes. Taking good care of your garments will make them last longer and always look fresh.

We hope our tips will help you buy less, shop better and be more stylish in 2020!