How German and Austrian women go shopping

May 9, 2019

Although they both speak German and favour classic styles, Austrian and German women have quite different shopping habits.

Interestingly, even being the largest European economy, Germany spends less than Austria on clothing and seems more interested in practical casual wear than trends. Keep reading to know more about how Austrian and German women go shopping.

Austrian women love fashion and British style icons


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Fashion has an important place in the lives of almost 50% of Austrian women; they spend around 80 Euros a month on clothes, although women will spend more for special occasions such as Christmas, vacations and, of course, the Ball season.

Austrian women prefer to buy their clothes in shops than online, and they like to do it alone. I am part of the 36.2 per cent who prefer shopping by themselves, with nobody distracting or hurrying them, 20.8 per cent of Austrians shop with their boyfriend or husband, and only 18.3, with their girlfriends.

When it comes to inspiration, 33.8% of Austrian women go shopping for specific looks they saw on Instagram and in magazines and brochures, and they find inspiration in the styles of British royal icons such as Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham, the former Posh Spice turned designer who is almost British royalty!


German women love practicability in fashion and shopping


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Being practical people, almost 70% of German women shop online, coming after only the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands. And because they are savvy online shoppers, they expect to get from the shops free shipping and buy-now-pay-later option.

German women like practicability in fashion too; 80% wear pants, sportswear and casual style are what will have them reaching for their wallets. Even so, despite having the healthier economy of Europe, the average German woman spends around 60 Euros a month on clothing, and 50% of them say they spend even less, around only 24 Euros a month, which explains why the country has been for decades H&M’s most robust market, and other big discount chains are thriving in Germany. Germans love a good bargain, and only a few high-end department stores like Mytheresa and some premium stores in the countryside do well there.