Highlights of Mode Suisse Edition 17

March 19, 2020

Switzerland, known for its tasty cheese, chocolate and beautiful mountains, also has a stunning fashion scene. In the heart of Zurich, Mode Suisse Edition 17 recently presented the latest Swiss fashion. Usually, the show was to happen at the Wannerhalle at Zurich’s main station. But thanks to Corona, organizer Yannick Aellen had to change plans. As a result, we saw an intimate show in the architectural halls of the Landesmuseum.

First block

The highlight of this year’s spring edition was re-formatted into three small blocks. The first of which was initiated by the Mode Suisse newcomers. NOMADISSEM’s opening looks were inspired by female explorers and adventurers. That is to say, they were illustrated through the use of sustainable and long-lasting textiles. On the other hand, Florian Holdener of KLAESI HOLDENER, drew inspiration from the paintings of French artist Franck Rausch. In striking contrast, the visual language of aporeei was seeking freedom and amateur-like vibe. As a result, the use of vintage materials and bulbous as well as round edged silhouettes.


Second block

AWS opened the evening’s second part showing generic business suits and outdoor jackets. However, their familiar patterns were twisted with a casual, cosy attitude. Secondly, Luka Maurer of Garnison reflected on the system of hierarchy. For example, questioning the term “collection”, he named his designs “Regiments”. Finally, the colourful Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque in Shiraz and the warming verses of its best-known poet, Hafez, were the inspiration for LIDA NOBA.

aporeei, AWS & HEAD – Genève

Final block

MOURJJAN kicked off the final show block with a focus on capturing energy in the silhouettes. HEAD – Genève featured two of their most outstanding alumni: Claire Lefebvre and Tara Mabiala. Thanks to Rafael Kouto, the show also had a powerful end. In fact, he showed state-of-the-art figures in his upcycling couture collection. Also, the spirit was visible in Rafael Kouto’s capsule collection with Lotto Sport.

Garnison, MOURJJAN & Rafael Kouto

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Photos courtesy of Mode Suisse