Hermès has just launched its new fine Jewellery collection Chunky link chains.

November 6, 2018

Enchaînements Libres is the new jewellery collection of the French house Hermès. The name of the collection says it all; “free concatenation” – a series of links united, joined but at the same time, free.

Pierre Hardy, the creative director of Hermès Jewellery, explains the concept of his latest collection. He says his first idea was the chain, which is something that everybody has.

The chain connects and interconnects opposites, it attaches and liberates.

Pierre Hardy
Models presenting Hermès jewellery from the new collection.

Not your usual chain

The stunning pieces of Hermès new collection are at the same time experimental and classic high jewellery. For example, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made with white, yellow and rose gold chains. But not your usual chain. Hardy says that he tried to break the chain’s repetition. Additionally, he’s switched the chains as far as possible from its original shape. He played with chunky links of different sizes and shapes, some of them covered in pave diamonds.

Gold chain necklace with diamonds.

Additionally, he added subtle splashes of colour here and there with black jade, pearls, orange sapphire. The new jewellery collection evokes the equestrian theme and Hermès signature Chaîne d’Ancre, which he redesigned into a modern choker with a massive rock crystal in its centre.

Necklace from Hermès new Jewellery collection.

Jewellery and ballerinas

Hermès launched the new jewellery pieces in Paris with a dance performance at La Gaîté Lyrique. Hermès performance was very fitting since the collection was conceived as an extension of the body and “far from the jewellery of former times, which obstructed movement, these pieces are designed for modern lifestyles. They dance in unison with the bodies that wear them.” Ballerinas all wearing black and the Enchaînements Libres pieces danced, interlocking arms to form human chains in choreography by Christian Rizzo.

Hermès gold and diamond necklace.

As Hardy puts it, “beauty is all about the impact”. And this sparkling collection full of movement and life is nothing but beautiful and impactful!

Photos courtesy of Hermès