Herbarium Officinale, the power of herbs in the heart of Vienna

LifestyleWellnessNovember 13, 2020

Vienna has been going through a major transformation. The Goldenes Quartier, in the first district, became ready only five years ago, with its shops, hotels and luxury apartments. The old little shops from the post-war era gave way to young and throbbing commerce. One of the corners of Tuchlauben and Hoher Markt, for example, houses today the HERBARIUM OFFICINALE, where there used to be a rundown household goods store. Notorious visited this modern herbal drugstore in the heart of Vienna and tried their natural products just before lockdown # 2. And we’re going to tell you all about it. I believe that, once everything goes back to normal and people can leave home without fear, you too, will want to visit this concept drugstore.

Sustainable healthy lifestyle

The whole concept of HERBARIUM OFFICINALE is based on the healing properties of herbs and the centuries-old knowledge of herbal medicine and phytopharmaceuticals. The founders Sophie Huber and Richard Lanczmann define their herbal drugstore in Vienna in a holistic manner:

“We are focusing on an exclusively natural path to conscious and healthy life. Medicinal plants are ideal for achieving and maintaining this balance.”

The definition of this herbal drugstore in Vienna couldn’t be more relevant today. We are now aware of the importance of preventive medicine to improve our natural immune system and general well-being. In fact, the use of medicinal herbs and tea drugs to boost physical, mental and emotional well-being is an important complement to conventional medicine. After all, Sebastian Kneipp already knew it when he said: “Nature is the best pharmacy.

HERBARIUM OFFICINALE is not the first herbal drugstore with natural remedies in Vienna, but the quality and customer experience are similar to the famous Saint-Charles-Apotheke.


Herbal Officinale products, in focus the natural aspirin.

The herbal drugstore offers in Vienna over 150 tea drugs, medicinal herbs, natural products and dietary supplements manually produced by a pharmaceutical trained staff.  Tea drugs and plant extracts used for food supplements, capsules and tinctures are made from purely vegetable raw materials of the highest quality, which come mainly from organic farming. Their product range extends from beauty to pleasure, nutrition and relaxation to detox. And everything meets the quality standards of the European Pharmacopeia. 

I’ve been using the BioProtein Powder made of protein from rice, peas and sunflower, maca powder, lucuma, and bourbon vanilla. I put 2 tablespoons of it in my banana shake for breakfast. Otherwise, I had 1 spoon in my yoghurt as a snack. I love the quality of this product, especially considering all protein powders in the market that I’ve already tried. 

They also have a natural aspirin against fever and headache. Did you know that Aspirin originally derives from the herbs meadowsweet and willow bark? It had been used for thousands of years before being synthesized by pharmaceutical labs. 

A detail of Herbarium Officinale in Vienna with the tea drugs and plants

If you are suffering from menstrual pain, pre-menopausal discomfort, hair loss, chronic tiredness, that’s the place for you. Or if your skin is not what it used to be and doctors don’t have a solution, go to HERBARIUM OFFICINALE. A team of passionate herbal educators, health coaches and pharmacists will welcome you. And they will come up with a recipe tailored to you, based on the healing properties of herbs.

The team of pharmacists from Herbarium Officinale in front of the tea drugstore

It sounds as if I liked a lot HERBARIUM OFFICINALE

That sounds right; I really liked this amazing herbal drugstore, and if you’re in Vienna, I’m sure you will like it too. Besides the high-quality tea drugs and food supplements, the store HERBARIUM OFFICINALE is designed with a relaxed, feel-good atmosphere. There’s a day bar right at the entrance. Sit and enjoy the functional drinks and snacks such as raw food bars and base tea-soups. Even though we have the best coffee shops in Vienna, why not meet a friend in a herbal drugstore instead? Good for your body and soul. 

inside view of the Herbal Officinale healthy bar

The HERBARIUM OFFICINALE products are available at the concept store on Hoher Markt as well as online.

For those who cannot personally come by the shop (because they are not based in Vienna or would like to reduce inner-city visits), it is always possible to call or write to HERBARIUM OFFICINALE and arrange a non-binding, free-of-charge consultation via phone with one of the experts at Herbarium. Depending on the specific needs, Herbarium can recommend products and send them per post.

Hoher Markt 5, 1010 Vienna – Opening times: Mon – Fri, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sat, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.