Private collection of Hemmerle jewellery: the auction you shouldn’t miss The German royal jeweller.

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Good news for jewellery lovers, a private collection of stunning jewels by the German royal jeweller Hemmerle will come to auction this summer. The unique pieces will be the highlight of the Fine Jewellery, Silver, Watches and Objects of Vertu sale at Dreweatts, in London. Here is why you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Hemmerle earrings at the jewellery auction.
Colour-changing agate ear clips and grey moonstone and diamond earrings

Hemmerle, from classic medals to contemporary jewellery

Run since 1893 by the Hemmerle family, the German jewellery house started as a goldsmiths’ company. The Munich-based jewellers used to make medals and orders for the Bavarian Royal family. They became famous for creating bejewelled fantasies they for Ludwig III of Bavaria and member of the German nobility. Then, at the Paris Exposition Universelle, in 1900, Hemmerle won a prize with their Jugendstil Bishop’s Cross, gaining international exposure.

Every once in a while, a designer comes along who, fully aware of what has come before, turns a totally new page.

Janet Zapata – Art Historian
Hemmerle sapphire and moonstone rings
Sapphire ring and moonstone band ring

In the 1970s, the Hemmerle third generation took over with a new approach to luxury jewellery. Over the years, they’ve broken barriers, experimenting with new techniques and finishes, and using unusual materials such as brass, steel, copper, and wood. As a result, the jewellery pieces are true contemporary works of art. And some of these daring jewels will be available at the Hemmerle jewellery auction.

Today, Christian and his wife, Yasmin, head the German jewellery house, the fourth generation of Hemmerle jewellers. The brand’s sophisticated and sought-after jewels are part of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum collection and are shown in several exhibitions worldwide.

Hemmerle ring and watch with tourmalines.
Oxidised iron and green tourmaline ring and green tourmaline-set watch

Our own philosophy resonates with poetry – originality, beauty, boldness, creativity, and technical understanding also go into making a Hemmerle jewel.

Christian Hemmerle

What to buy from the Hemmerle jewellery collection in the auction

Certainly, my favourite pieces to snatch at the jewellery auction are the grey bead earrings made by Hemmerle with a near-extinct Austrian technique of woven, knitted precious gem beads achieved through artisanal excellence.

Hemmerly moonstone and agate woven bead earrings are part of the jewellery auction.
Grey moonstone and agate woven bead earrings

Additionally, you can choose between a minimalist moonstone ring or a gold and oxidized iron ring with green tourmaline. The pair of diamond and grey moonstone cluster ear studs and the colour-changing agate ear clips are a catch. And a green tourmaline-set watch’s also among the unique Hemmerle jewellery pieces available to purchase during the auction.

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The auction will take place on the 7th of July 2021 at Dreweatts, in London.

Do you know why bangles are also called slave bracelets?

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Photos courtesy of Hemmerle.