Have you already heard of the “replikates” and “replimeghans”? Super fans taking it to the next level.

November 7, 2018

There is a parallel universe most of us are unaware of, where replikates and replimeghans thrive, multiply and share secrets. These fascinating creatures share a common passion: the lives – and especially, the fashion style – of Kate Middleton, AKA Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

Who are the Replikates and Replimeghans?

As said, Replikates and Replimeghans multiply, and nowadays, you can find a whole legion on social media. These women are the super fans of the two young members of the British Royal family, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Being dedicated groupies, they spend hours on the Internet analysing each photo of the Duchesses to identify what both are wearing. Then, the Royals’ admirers search where to get the same looks. They have blogs and Instagram accounts where they share information, help each other to find items they are looking for, and post photos of themselves dressed like the Royals. Some Instagrammers are already earning money from the garments they link in their posts, so what usually starts as a fun hobby, sometimes turn into a serious full-time job.


Kate Urbanksa, the girl behind greatreplikate, recreates Kate Middleton’s wardrobe buying basically all her outfits on eBay. Fashion-savvy, she has tailor-made the designer pieces she can’t afford. Have a look at the outfits that Mrs Urbanksa clones from the future Queen of England, and tell us your opinion: is she or is she not the Queen of eBay? 


royalreplikate and royalreplimeghan


Janelle Nash from Arizona spends four to eight hours a day searching the internet for new pictures of Kate and Meghan. She scours every store to find exactly what they are wearing and where to buy the items. These garments are sometimes from old collections hence more challenging to find. Like the other replikates and replimeghans, she styles herself in the same looks as the duchesses before posting the pictures on her blog and two Instagram accounts. In case you were wondering which Duchess is more popular; here’s the answer to the battle of the duchesses: the account dedicated to Kate has almost 40k followers, and the other one, focusing on Meghan’s style, 36k followers. Sorry, Meghan.



The American attorney Mallory Bowling is another super fan of the Kate and Meghan. She also replicates the outfits of Pippa, Kate Middleton’s sister. Bowling then posts the side by side photos on her Instagram account, which almost 20.000 other royals’ fans follow. She says her hobby is a way to “express a bit of frivolity and fun in contrast to my daily job.



The “replikates” and “replimeghans” have not invented this groupie-like obsession with the Royals; they have only taken it to another level. With their Instagram posts, they make it easier for other fans to dress like their blue-blooded idols. The New Yorker Sarah Miello, AKA theroyalwatcher, says she fell in love with the British royal family when she was ten years old because of Princess Diana. She describes herself as a royal fanatic, and some of her posts have more than 5.000 likes.



Among all the replikates and replimeghans, maybe the most fun is May Mara. The American mother of two runs a wreath company and still finds time to scrutinise every Kate and Meghan look. Like her fellow Instagrammers, she links information about every single item they are wearing. But what’s fun about this account is the hilarious memes. Mara creates them using photos of both Duchesses and other members of the British Royal Family. 


If you admire the fashion style of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, why not play replikate and replimeghan? No need to wonder where to get their looks, now you know how to find them!

Title photo by greatreplikate