Harrods is opening the first Tiffany’s Blue Box Café in Europe Unleash your inner Holly Golightly.

LifestyleTravelFebruary 05, 2020

If you’ve ever dreamt of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, then dream no more; the Tiffany Blue Box Café is opening its doors in London on Valentine’s Day, naturally!

From the 14th February on, you can unleash your inner Holly Golightly and have breakfast at Tiffany’s in London’s iconic department store, Harrods. Or have lunch, afternoon tea or dinner for that matter. You’ll be able to enjoy, like a modern Audrey Hepburn, the glamorous settings of the American jewellery house while indulging yourself with delicious croissants, scones and some champagne.

table at the Tiffany's Blue Box Café at Harrods cover with Tiffany's china and small sandwiches and sweets.
Photos courtesy of Tiffany & Co

The Tiffany’s Blue Box Café is, of course, in the famous light blue hue that Tiffany’s is known for, which by the way, is called Tiffany Blue. The walls, furniture and china are in the unmistakable blue and white, giving you the impression that you are having a meal inside the dreamy little boxes we all love receiving. These blue boxes with white ribbon are the dream of romantic couples, mainly because Tiffany’s came up, in 1886, with the solitaire ring that has become the number one choice for engagement rings. You can read more about this in the article The history of the engagement ring.

The first Blue Box café was launched in 2017 at Tiffany’s flagship store in New York City. London will be the café’s fourth address, being also present in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Harrod’s is taking reservations, so why not put your LBD and pearls and celebrate Valentine’s Day like Holly Golightly would have loved to do? And since you’ll be surrounded by Tiffany’s jewels, maybe spoil yourself with a little bling?