Gucci AW 2019 Campaign is here!

July 22, 2019

Photos by Glen Luchford, courtesy of Gucci

I’m a sucker for Gucci’s campaigns; they are fun, full of glam, sexy and beautifully shot. I’m happy to tell you that the latest campaign, shot again by Glen Luchford, is as fab as the previous ones, if not more! From Noah’s Ark to sci-fi aliens, not to mention Harry Styles with his chicken and dogs, each campaign is a feast for the eyes and the imagination.

The AW19 Gucci Prêt-à-Porter campaign is here. Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, and Luchford take us to an imagined catwalk show in Paris, in an era of fashion that could be anytime between the ’50s and ’80s.

The film shows what happens on the catwalk and back-stage too. Elegant editors with big hairs and suited men wait while we see bits of the hard work behind-the-scenes. From the drawing table and workshop to the fittings, the campaign is a tribute to everyone involved in fashion. At the end of the show, a shy and smiling designer, that looks very similar to Alessandro Michele, comes out to take the final bow.

I just love all the details that Luchford puts in his movies. The retro glasses, bold necklaces and chokers with spikes, the earrings and iconic Gucci looks from the ’50s to the ’80s are a tribute to fashion from the past. Even the heat we perceive in the campaign, the has the chic show-goers and models fan themselves, really takes us to a hot summer in Paris in the ’80s. Because, although attempts to control indoor temperatures began in ancient Rome, and the air-conditioning was introduced to the public in 1925 in the U.S., the Europeans were a bit slow to embrace this fabulous invention!

Luchford and Michele’s #gucciprêtàporter is a beautiful ode to fashion, and we like it, I hope you do too!