Milan Fashion Week 20/21: Gucci staff as models A turning point.

July 21, 2020

Trying to get used to the “new normal”, we’ve followed online the new collections presented during Milan Fashion Week. We’ve picked for you the Gucci Resort collection 20/21 as the best.

As seen in the Haute Couture week, the Milan digital fashion week also gives total freedom to fashion designers to express themselves in a thousand different ways. This means the results and opinions about the first Milan Fashion Week Digital are very mixed. You can see the new collections in forms of films, video-clip or physical-digital runway shows. Although not as glamorous as the usual fashion weeks, some luxury fashion brands found innovative ways to present their collections.

We especially liked Alessandro Michele’s live streaming at Milan Fashion Week, showing in an inclusive way his latest Resort collection for Gucci 20/21, Epilogue. The highlight; he used Gucci’s staff as models, signalling significant changes ahead for the Italian luxury brand.

Gucci Resort Collection 20/21 presented at Milan Fashion Week

Gucci’s creative director explains that “Epilogue is a closure in order to reopen.” And what better way to close a chapter in fashion than having those who design the pieces and other members of the team show the collection instead of models? 

“Clothes will be carried by their creators. The designers with whom, day by day, I share the bewilderment of creation will become the protagonists of a new story. They will bring to the scene what we conceive with passion.”

Alessandro Michele

Detail of accessories and the whole look of Gucci Resort Collection 20/21

To reinforce the message of individuality, Gucci’s staff mixes the new Epilogue collection with their personal style. As you can see from the hand-written on post-it notes, they wear their jewellery, piercings or own hairstyles. It is refreshing to see at Gucci Resort 20/21 show the fabulous clothes on every-day people instead of models with bodies so far from the real world.

The fabulous ‘70s, still inspiring fashion

Gucci Men and Women Collection 20/21, with models wearing a Tartan pattern outfit

The line up includes ’70s-inspired silhouettes with bright colours and bold patterns. In Alessandro Michele’s more-is-more signature style, he mixes and matches wonderfully these patterns. To finish the looks of Gucci Resort 20/21 collection, bold ethnic jewellery. Additionally, the scarves worn as turbans and the oversized sunglasses transport us to a luxurious version of Woodstock.

“The period of greatest liberation, which I lived through when I was a child, was the 70s, which were really the golden years of the brand I work for, and I keep going back to them because, for me personally they were the real seeds of change.”

Alessandro Michele

We love the way Michele manages to put together über-chic outfits with an impossible mix of prints. The colourful patterns look, somehow, as if they were meant to be together. The Roman creator finds inspiration in memories of clothes from his childhood. For example, a nerdy maths teacher’s garments and elderly people outfits. Also, his grandmother’s shirt dresses inspire the designer.

Moreover, he uses Liberty prints and oversized botanical prints of the American designer Ken Scott, who lived in Milan in the ’70s. But being eclectic as Michele is, that’s not all. We also find Donald Duck and his three nephews, and the Japanese manga Doraemon printed on shoes and bags.

The end of a trilogy

Model showing a fur long coat with red flower from the last Gucci resort collection 20/21

First came the runway show in February that showed what usually happens backstage. The second part was the advertisement campaign for the Italian fashion house, with the models creating the images. And finally, Gucci Resort Collection 20/21, the 12-hour live streaming. The broadcast from the Renaissance Palazzo Sacchetti in Rome showed all the hard work that goes into preparing a fashion show. One could see everything, from the vacuum cleaner and positioning of the lights to makeup, hair, and the fashion shooting.

Goodbye Fashion Week and seasons race, hello slow fashion

models showing a green cape and a Gucci logo outfit from the 20/21 collection

The pandemic has caused many designers and fashion enthusiasts to re-think the frantic rhythm of seasons and fashion weeks. You can read more about this in Will Coronavirus change how we dress?

“The epilogue that I am giving you today is more like a prelude. A turning point that closes and opens at the same time, the threshold of a new beginning from which we try to envision tomorrow.”

Alessandro Michele
A long green dress and a totally pink outfit from the last Gucci Resort Collection 20/21

In synch with our Zeitgeist, the fashion designer Alessandro Michele announced during the Covid-19 lockdown that he’s reducing the number of annual collections. After Gucci 20/21 collection at Milan Fashion Week Digital, he will present only two collections, instead of eight. These collections will not follow the mould spring/summer – autumn/winter nor gender division anymore. Additionally, Gucci will not participate in Milan Fashion Week next September. 

model showing a suit ensemble with a gold gloves, pink hat and snake boots and another model wearing a green pant and a crop navy top from Gucci

Finally, Michele wants to convey the idea that you should wear the garments always and not only one season. And to reinforce the idea that clothes should be timeless and seasonless, he uses designs and motifs from his past five years as creative director for Gucci Epilogue collection. In other words, the new beginning for Gucci is all about being trendy and sustainable. Congratulations, Alessandro Michele, we couldn’t be happier about it. And we’re eager to see what you will bring us tomorrow.

All images courtesy of Gucci