Great Best Friend Christmas Gift Ideas  Your bff deserves.

December 3, 2021

Need some Christmas gift ideas for your best friend? We hand-picked some great presents so that you can show how much you care. We know BFF has become an overused expression, but friendship is a big topic nowadays. Take into consideration, that the pandemic forced us many months of isolation and we want to reconnect now. But before jumping into our Christmas list, check if you have or are a BFF.

What defines a real best friend?

The best friend is that person you can talk to about just anything. Someone you speak to as freely as you would to yourself. That friend you meet for coffee, not to chit-chat about other people’s lives but to talk about your plans, your successes, and your failures too. Will your best friend always say what you want to hear? No, not always. Will your best friend always do what you want her to do? Nope. But she will say and do what’s best for you. So basically, you could think of your best friend as a mirror, and sometimes, the bitter medicine you have to take, which you may not like but deep inside, you know it’s for your best! Now, being one of the most important persons in your life, your best friend certainly deserves a fantastic Christmas gift, doesn’t she?

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1- Flamboyant best friend gift

Suppose you want your best friend to make a legendary entrance like the Scottish actress Tilda Swinton did in Vienna at an exhibition opening at Kunst Historisches Museum. In that case, these Prada green gloves are the Christmas gift that will do the trick. Long gloves are super glamorous.

2- Hard Rock best friend

Is your best friend a Ramones fan? These unique T-shirts are a Christmas gift that will make your best friend think I Believe in Miracles. She can wear her favourite band like a cool french girl, with perfect jeans, a black blazer and cowboy boots.

3- Big thank-you kiss

If you want a gift to show how much you appreciate your best friend putting up with you even in your most embarrassing or annoying moments, thank her with a special kiss. For that, we chose a Big Bisou brooch, a makeup bag from Charlette Tilbury or a cutie Minie Lane silver ring. XOXO

4- Gift for a bling-bling best friend

Here is the perfect gift if your best friend likes to shine: sparkling hearts! We’ve chosen a cute 14-karat gold over 925 sterling silver necklace from Gabi Rielle, an 80’s inspired oversized golden earring, and a statement brooch from Italian-born, London-based designer Alessandra Rich.

5- Mischievous best friend gift

Is your BFF a bit naughty? Pay your best friend back with this gift by daring her to go to her Christmas family reunion with her keys hanging from this fun keyring from playful designer J.W.Anderson.

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