Get Ariana Grande’s Festive Makeup Look

November 28, 2018

We are not telling you anything new by saying that Ariana Grande is a power woman. She has landed several number one albums, tours the world and speaks up against her critics. We love her fun outfits and especially Ariana Grande’s makeup. The cat-eye, the bold lip and her glow are very festive and Christmas or New Year´s Eve make the perfect occasion to be a little extra, don´t you think? Okay, Halloween might also be a good day to go crazy with your make up, but now we are talking about elegant not spooky. So, here is how to get Ariana´s look:

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1. Skin
Get your skin prepared with some moisturiser. This will make applying your foundation much easier and smoother. To avoid looking like a bacon rind, set everything with a matte powder.

2. Glow
Once you mattified your face, you make it shine again (what an irony). For the perfect Ariana glow, apply some bronzer on your cheeks, your forehead and your jawline. Then highlight your nose, the highest area of your cheekbones and the part underneath your eyebrows with some golden (or champagne if your skintone is very light) highlighter.

3. Eyes
For a sparkly eye make-up that will definitely shine brighter than every Christmas tree (in an elegant way, of course), apply some bronzy-red coloured eyeshadow on your whole lid and then blend out the edges with a soft brush. In the inner corners of your eye, use a golden or champagne colour (you can definitely use your highlighter for this). To achieve the ultimate cat eye, apply your eyeliner quite thick – still even, please – and make sure to make a nice and upward wing. For an extra dramatic look, apply some fake lashes. If not, just use a good layer of mascara.

4. Lips
If you want to go all in, do it like Ariana and use a lipstick in a berry shade. If you feel like that´s a bit too much for your grandmother to take, just stick with some nice nude coloured one instead.

Photo via Shutterstock