Gelcream is the beauty anti-influencer that you must follow

November 7, 2018

Photos via Gelcream

Going against the flow, GELCREAM is an Instagram account about beauty products that doesn’t do #sponcon nor ‘Paid Partnership’ posts, it is an anti-influencer account! 


GELCREAM was launched by the San Francisco-based Russian, Rana Sheptovetskaya, in May 2016 out of boredom, and has already won over more than 98k followers with her honest product reviews. The former fashion editor of Dazed and Confused and AnOther Magazine turned photographer says that when she moved from Moscow to San Francisco with her husband, she decided to start her page to talk about the American skin care and makeup products that she was trying out while looking for a new job.

Why do we like GELCREAM?

The Instagram account is beautiful. Rana makes lovely photos of her hand holding whichever beauty product she’s reviewing. Although she shoots the images with an I-Phone, they look very Voguish. Because Sheptovetskaya doesn’t get paid to do it, you know what you’re reading is her own opinion, which the reviewer shares with you as she would with a friend. She doesn’t like having her feed filled with Instagram influencers who post sponsored content continuously, so she’s already unfollowed several.


Does everyone like GELCREAM?

Sheptovetskaya really tries the cosmetics, and she only posts about them when she feels she has something relevant to say, be it positive or negative. A negative review of a body fragrance has, in fact, created an uproar on social media, with harsh comments and heated discussions among the Russian’s followers and a friend of the celebrity who uses her name to sell that fragrance – did someone say: Kardashian? Nevertheless, she stays firm in her initial concept and continues to write impartially and honestly about the products. By the way, the account’s founder has a disclaimer for the brands that send her products to be reviewed, stating that “it is at your own risk” and “Probably, I won’t post about it. If I will, I will say an honest opinion, so please don’t be upset.”

What’s next for Gelcream?

Sheptovetskaya intends GELCREAM to be more like a woman’s magazine. She plans to expand her posts; review products other than beauty and write educational content about brands and ingredients too.