Fashion inspiration from Netflix “Velvet Buzzsaw” Biennale replacing fashion week.

February 20, 2019

The Netflix new horror/parody film, Velvet Buzzsaw, with Jack Gyllenhaal and John Malkovich, about the contemporary art world in Los Angeles, has been causing a major buzz on social media. The film is generating hilarious memes. But leaving aside all the positive and negative reactions to the story, what has caught our attention is the fantastic costume design of the movie.

Trish Summerville and Isis Mussenden, responsible for the costume design, gave each character in the movie his own fashion style. The main role, art critic Morf Vandewalt, played by Gyllenhaal, and art dealer Rhodora Haze, played by Rene Russo, are sleek and contemporary like the art pieces they work with. Each art exhibition is a feast for the eyes and inspiration, not because of the art hanging on the gallery’s walls but because of the fab outfits that all the characters wear to attend these events.

In real life, we’ve seen the same happening at the major art events in the world. Whether during the Venice Biennale, Whitney Biennale, Frieze or Art Basel, the A-list guests, art-lovers and artists that flock to the exhibitions are stealing the show with their eclectic style that mixes art and fashion.

The street style at art events is replacing the Fashion Weeks’ street style; fashion magazines and enthusiasts find inspiration in the eye-catching looks and on-point outfits they spot in the streets, galleries and museums during these exhibitions.

Photos courtesy of Netflix