Fall 18 Trends – Neon, Baby!

November 6, 2018

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When you think about neon, what comes to your mind? Nothing nice, we guess. Neon colours easily make you look pale, they are too in your face and can sometimes totally downgrade a look. But since the 80´s are back – and with them obviously everything neon – we feel like we have to become friends with the luminous trend.

Neon in sportswear or athleisure has always been a thing, but lately everything from chic handbags to sandals and coats is fully covered in bright, fluorescent tones. This neon coloured madness that we are currently seeing on the runways (and which for sure will also be present at fashion week this month) makes us want to fight prejudice and try this trend.

Prada, Moschino, Altuzarra and many others already showed neon looks on the catwalk and we actually liked it. But watch out: what works on the runway doesn´t always do so on the streets. If you don´t want to look like a walking highlighter, you should follow these simple rules:

Go for neon all over? Nope.
To rock the neon trend in 2018, it is important not to do a head-to-toe look in bright colours. Take a single piece or maybe two and pair them with rather neutral colours and patterns. Fashion sometimes is all about going wild and trying things, but with the shocking colours it is better to stay on the safe side.

Neon glasses? Hell, yes!
Glasses with bright orange or yellow lenses are a must in fall. Besides looking super fancy, they also make the world a little brighter and warmer when you look through them.

Be careful with neon make-up.
Bright make-up is a strong statement and contrasts with our normal natural look, but some looks are cooler than others and not overdoing it is key. Neon Lipstick? Not so much. Eyeliner in striking colours? Yes, in moderation. Fluorescent nails? Always.

Think of neon in a more fall appropriate manner.
Neon is not just acid yellow, shocking pink and lime green. Make neon work in fall by choosing more subtle colours like cobalt blue, a pumpkin like orange or purple.