The best earrings to give your look a bit of edge Ear jackets, crawlers and cuffs.

November 6, 2018

Earrings are the ultimate accessories this year. And if you’ve always loved punkish looks but turning into a rebellious-bad-ass-girl is not for you, we have good news. All you need is one of these earrings to give your look a bit of edge. Nowadays, you can really have fun with your earrings, the options are unlimited, really. The new earrings are big and loud or unexpected, and you won’t need much else to glam up your outfit.

Ear jackets

For so long overlooked, the back of the ear is now taking centre stage. Thanks to the ear jackets, these earrings which back part is ornamental instead of only holding the earring in place. The ear jackets are a kind of “behind-ear-earrings” that hang from behind the lobe, following the curve of your ear and seem to be defying gravity, giving your look some edge.

Ear climbers or ear crawlers

The ear climbers or ear crawlers are normal earrings that, as the name suggests, crawl and go up on the front part of the ear, following the curve of your lobe. At the same time chic and modern, these earrings add edge and are reminiscent of the ’70s punk look.

Ear cuffs

Ornate ear cuffs seem to be climbing your ear and go all the way around the top of the ear. Some hook on the top as if they were hugging your upper ear. Others have clips to secure the upper part of the earring on the lobe. You can wear these earrings on both ears or only one. In this case, pair it with a smaller earring, preferably a stud to add a pinch of punk/rebellious edge to your look. Cara Delevingne, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, and Emma Watson like to wear the bold statement.

Complete your outfit with several statement cocktail rings like the ones in the video below, and you’re ready to rock the chic punk look.

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Title photo @hirotakajewelry.