Did Coronavirus change makeup and beauty trends for A/W 2020?

BeautyMakeupOctober 20, 2020

Among the many changes Coronavirus had brought to our lives, the pandemic also affected the makeup and beauty trends for A/W 2020.

Whereas before, we used to go regularly to beauty salons for all kinds of treatments, we now tend to spend on products that allow us to do the equivalent at home. Additionally, because of social distancing, we are consuming more skincare products than makeup. Coronavirus has also changed the type of makeup we want to wear. So the beauty industry had to adapt the makeup and beauty trends for fall 2020 quickly. By listening to our needs, the beauty industry shows that its customers dictate the new trends.

Natural-looking makeup and autumn colour pallette are the beauty trends A/W 2020.
Perfect fall makeup; purple-grey eye shadow that reminds us of an autumn sky.

Coronavirus changed the beauty consumption habits

Among the top products since the pandemic, are purple shampoos that preserve the blond colour for longer periods. Also, at-home spa tools and skincare that blocks the blue light from computer screens are big hits right now. The annual sale of Guasha tools, for example, has increased by 33.4 %. Sales of purple hair mask have grown by 82%, and facial steamers, by 203%. And because the up-close-and-personal Zoom meetings highlight imperfections of the skin, the sale of exfoliating products and serums are growing. Especially Niacinamide serum, which minimizes pore appearance and spots, has seen a growth of almost 200%.

These new consumption habits and beauty trends allow us to stretch the time between salon visits. But they also allow us to pamper ourselves with longer skin care routines that help us relax and feel better.

Autumn colour makeup and bold eyeliner are trends for A/W 2020
Thick blue cat eyes for a classic makeup with a twist

Since the beginning of the lockdown, women have worn more natural-looking makeup, for example, less contouring and fewer layers of makeup. This doesn’t mean we’re not excited about the new makeup and beauty trends for A/W 2020. On the contrary, we’ve realised how makeup boosts self-esteem and lifts up spirits. In fact, many women have experimented with fun and loud makeup as a creative outlet during the pandemic, following tutorials on Instagram and TikTok.

For A/W 2020, bold lipsticks still play an important role, despite the use of masks. The makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, for example, created bold lipsticks with dark reds and blushed hues in autumnal tones that set the A/W 20/21 makeup and beauty trends.

Using  La Biosthétique A/W 2020/21 collection, the make-up artist Steffen Zoll designed three beautiful autumn looks that you can recreate at home. 

Ruby red lipstick  and glowing skin are makeup trends for A/W 20/21.
Taupe eyeshadow and bold ruby-red lips for fall 2020
DIY makeup look 1 

To emphasize natural beauty, Steffen Zoll creates a super-natural look using a touch of shimmering taupe eyeshadow that goes all the way up to the brow and nude nail polish. The lips are the heroes of this look, presented in bold red. To make the contrasting lips, use peach lipstick and over it, a ruby-red liquid lipstick.

Tutorial for fall makeup with bold ruby-red lips and taupe eyeshadow.

DIY makeup look 2

For this minimal look, the makeup artist combines coral red on the cheekbones and lips. Additionally, he uses a purple-grey eye shadow that reminds us of an autumn sky. 

Tutorial for makeup with purple-grey eyeshadow combined with coral red cheeks and lips; makeup colour trends for fall 2020.
DIY makeup look 3

A timeless and elegant look with a twist. The thick cat eyes in dark blue give contemporality to the natural and minimalist makeup trend we see in A/W 2020. Use matt grey eyeshadow and matt sandy-rose lipstick to contrast the bold blue eyeliner. On the cheeks, a coral-coloured blush.

Tutorial for contemporary makeup with thick cat-eyes combined with coral and sandy rose hues; makeup colour trends for fall 2020.

Glowing skin for the natural makeup trend

To be able to rock the natural makeup trend, you need first, to take good care of your skin. Use exfoliation products and tools to deep-clean the skin at home and stimulate regeneration. Read more about jade rollers and Gua Sha, and learn how to use these tools to massage and intensify the absorption of serums like the ones we reviewed here.

You can also try the DIY beauty masks Meghan Markle uses to hydrate, brighten and exfoliate, to have glowy and youthful skin.

Photos courtesy of La Biosthétique.