10 trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week AW22 

FashionTrendsAugust 18, 2022

We are bringing to you the key trends emerging from Copenhagen Fashion Week AW22 that you’ll be wearing in a few weeks. And also some insights into the whole hype around Scandinavian women’s style.

One of the coolest fashion weeks, Copenhagen is best known for the chic Scandinavian minimalist style combined with fun colours and patterns. We can safely say that the Scandinavian woman’s style has reached the same status as the French woman’s style. In fact, for years, women all over the world have been trying to discover the je-ne-sais-quoi of French women’s style. Now, we are also trying to ‘copy’ the Scandinavian woman’s style and way of dress. The street style photos from Copenhagen Fashion Week have captivated the world as one of the most colourful and joyful fashion tribes. On the streets and at shows, Copenhagen Fashion Week teaches us to be highly fashionable and comfortable at the same time. No wonder, since every style has to work on a bike. And that’s the reason why we took another look at all the Fall/Winter 22-23 shows to spot ten trends for next season. 

1- No Fur, Please

Collage with trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week AW22- Faux fur
ByMaleneBirger – Fassbender- DayBirgeretMikkelsen – Street Style CPHFW

The latest CPHFW SS23 officially banned the use of fur on the catwalks. The event organisers declared that “fur is death” and not a fashion accessory. The newest fur-free fashion week took the initiative in the interest of animal welfare and sustainability. Having said that, with this AW22, you can welcome all kinds of faux fur into your wardrobe. Fluffiest, the better.

2- Cargo Jackets

Collage with trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week AW22- Cargo Jackets
Rabens Saloner – (di)vision – Saks Potts – (di)vision – Street Style CPHFW

Between aviator and bomber jacket, Tom Cruise in Top Gun and Indiana Jones, this is AW22’s new jacket. As seen at the (di)vision and Saks Potts shows, cargo jackets are perfect when worn with cargo pants. And Rabens Saloner added a drop of femininity, wearing the jacket with a mini skirt.

3- Snow White

Collage with trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week AW22- All white
ByMaleneBirger – Tomorrow Denim – Love child 1979 – Baum und Pferdegarten – Street Style CPHFW

As seen in several shows from Copenhagen Fashion Week AW22, the white on white or off-white on off-white is a trend you can bet on. It comes in line with one of the most common characteristics of the Scandinavian woman’s style; minimalism chic. Combine your Snow White moment with black or burgundy loafers, silver sandals, and cowboy boots.

4- Denim Uniform

Collage with trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week AW22- Denim Uniform
Jade Cropper – Tomorrow Denim- Tomorrow Denim- Tomorrow Denim- Street Style CPHFW

This trend of looking like a uniform and with a basic fabric like denim meets our current desire for practicality because life is complicated. The pandemic, the Ukrania-Russia war, the energy crisis and inflation. So in the morning, without much thought, grab your denim uniform from your wardrobe, and head out into the battle. And don’t forget your cowboy boots.

5- Think Pink

Collage with trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week AW22- nordic knit
Saks Potts – GANNI – Baum und Pferdegarten- 2 last photos from Street Style CPHFW

Let’s wear the colour pink this AW22, already gearing up for the summer 2023 release of the film All About Barbie with Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie. But how to wear pink this year? From head to toe, as Baum und Pferdegarten suggests. On the other hand, Pernille Teisbaek chose to combine pink trousers with a black Prada jacket. Saks and Pott paired the pink shirt with off-white trousers. And Ganni styled the super feminine pink dress with cowboy boots, creating an unexpected contrast.

6- Origami Pleats

Collage with trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week AW22- Origami pleats
Henrik Vibskov – MKDT – Henrik Vibskov – MKDT

Issey Miyake is dead. Long live Issey Miyake. The Japanese design maker of the Pleat Please collection, one of the iconic looks of the 90s, passed away in August 2022. And coincidentally, Henrik Vibskov and MKDT have created beautiful pieces that seem to pay homage to the father of origami pleats. This year, we should be wearing more pleats.

7- Fisherman Knit

Samsøe Samsøe – Fassbender – TheGarment – Skall Studio – Street Style CPHFW

Knitted cardigans and pullovers have been a tradition in Nordic countries since medieval times. The typical Nordic Knit has a pattern that reminds of a Christmas pullover. But the Knit trend from the Copenhagen Fashion Week AW22 is the Fisherman pullover, typical of Ireland. You can read all about the history of the Fisherman Pullover in the article Understanding the stitches of your fisherman sweater AKA Aran sweater. This year, the Aran Sweater comes in all possible forms; oversized, long, cropped, asymmetric and classic.

8- Pin Stripes

According to Copenhagen Fashion Week AW22, pinstripe and chalk stripe will be the new go-to for the navy blue blazer or suit. Although the pattern is classic, it will be worn casually, like the shorts from Baum und Pferdegarten or the cropped bustier from Rabens Saloner.

9- Snakeskin

Saks Potts – By Malene Birger – Saks Potts – 2 last photos from CPHFW Street Style

2022 is the year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese horoscope. But for Copenhagen Fashion Week is the year of the snake. Fake snakeskin print will be on blouses and jackets as proposed by Saks Potts and By Marlene Birger and also on boots and bags.

10- Trench Coat

Saks Potts – Henrik Vibskov – Day Birger et Mikkelsen – Tomorrow Denim – Street Style CPHFW

It is impossible to think of the Scandinavian style without having a trench coat in mind. One of the reasons is that the English raincoat is one of the best pieces for layering. Follow me: turtleneck, shirt, vest, trousers, shawl and throw on top of everything the trench coat. You’re ready to go.

Last but not least: How to dress like the cool Scandinavian girls

  • Wear a head scarf. A simple silk scarf or bandana on your head will instantly take you to style-queen heaven. And besides being stylish, this head accessory protects you from wind and rain in Fall, and you’ll never have a bad hair day in your life anymore.
  • Layering is your best friend. The secret behind the best street style looks in Copenhagen is wearing several layers of garments, mainly in monochromatic hues, for example, maxi or mini dresses over wide-leg trousers.
  • Comfort and quality first. The Scandinavian girls wear good quality clothes that are both long-lasting and comfortable. Natural fabrics and oversized silhouettes are a must.
  • Be fearless when playing with fashion. Although the Nordic style is famous for its minimalism, Scandinavian women also like to mix-match prints and colours, creating playful looks.
  • Long-lasting styles, vintage pieces, and quirky items are the winning combination for any stylish Dane.

All photos courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week.