The notorious fashion editor Carine Roitfeld launches her perfume brand 7 scents for 7 lovers.

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After decades of working as a stylist and fashion editor, Carine Roitfeld is turning her name into a brand, and following Karl Lagerfeld’s advice, she’s launched her eponymous perfume line.

The former model and editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris is famous for her work with the photographer Mario Testino and for being the stylist and muse of Saint Laurent, Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld. Carine Roitfeld says that fashion changes with every new season, but perfume is something with staying power; once you find your signature scent, you wear it your entire life.

I consider scent the most defining style signature, containing within each molecule the power of identity andthe magic of seduction.

Carine Roitfeld

About Carine Roitfeld’s new venture

In 2013, Roitfeld started her magazine, CR Fashion Book, and in 2016, she launched with her business partner and son, Vladimir Roitfeld, CR Studio, a production agency. It was her son’s idea to make her name a brand of luxury products, starting with the Carine Roitfeld perfume line. And it was Lagerfeld who told her, “You’re the first editor to make perfume; go for it. You have to be the first one; you have to surprise people because people are always bored.

I created each frangrance the same way I create a look; evoking fantasy, character and sensuality in each and every detail. (…) I designed a genderless collection of fragrances for those of us who dare to be desired.

Carine Roitfeld

7 lovers

The French editor says she’s been working on her fragrance line for eight years, developing seven scents for Carine Roitfeld Perfumes. Roitfeld imagined each scent for a lover living in her favourite cities and named after fictional and real-life figures who embody these cities. For example, Carine Roitfeld chose her son’s name, Vladimir, for the perfume inspired by St Petersburg. George, AKA future king of England, living in London. Then, Orson, as in Orson Wells for the perfume inspired in New York, and Kar-Wai, for Hong Kong. Additionally, there is Lawrence (of Arabia) for Dubai and Aurélien for Paris. Finally, Carine Roitfeld created the perfume Sebastian inspired by the Argentinian photographer Sebastian Faena and Buenos Aires.

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To sum up, the floral scents have distinct characteristics, from spicy floral or warm amber to sandalwood or Osmanthus blossoms. As a result, there is one Carine Roitfeld perfume for each style and taste.

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