Can’t leave home but want to feel in the countryside? #NotoriousFashionHacks.

November 27, 2020

Most people haven’t been able to travel much this year, mostly due to Coronavirus. So if you can’t leave home, either because of the lockdown or work, but want to feel you are in the countryside, we have some little fashion hacks to help you out. With the right clothes, you can get that instant rugged, rural flair associated with the charm of countryside living, even if you are at your home office.

Woman and man in the countryside, wearing the tartan fashion you can wear at home.

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Feel cosy with flannel

The felted flannel is a winner when incomes to countryside living style, this fabric is popular in fashion as it is soft and warm, perfect for spending colder days at home in comfort. Additionally, nothing says farmer chic like a thick flannel shirt and trousers. The quintessential country look will make you feel in the countryside whether you’re at the office or home. Many designers are using this fabric to make stylish pieces. In other words, if you don’t want to look like a lumberjack in checkered flannel shirts, there are many other options of contemporary garments in this warm fabric.

Chunky soled boots

Thick-soled boots are a must in the countryside, and luckily for us, one of the main footwear trends for this winter is boots with chunky soles. This means, thanks to fashion, you can feel you are out in the woods, in the countryside, and at the same time, be totally on-trend at home in the city. And don’t be shy, when it comes to boots this year, the chunkier, the better.


Capes are this winter fashion heroes, wear them at home or in the countryside.

Another big trend this fall and winter, capes are the outwear you need to feel you’re in the countryside when you can’t leave home. Wrap yourself in a luxurious cashmere wool cape like the heroine of an Irish saga.

Classic loafers for chic country looks

These are the perfect shoes for elevated countryside outfits. Plus, the timeless loafers are a hot trend this season. The most classic flat shoe in fashion is comfortable for a stroll in rural bliss but is also chic enough for cocktail-time in the countryside or at home. Wear loafers to run errands or work from home, and you’ll feel like you are sipping a gin&tonic by the fireplace in a beautiful English countryside cottage.

Wear tartan

Escape city life and travel (mentally) to the beautiful English countryside by wearing Tartan. The Scottish signature print can be used in literally every single item of clothing, from socks to skirts and scarves. So, although you’re sitting in your living room at home, you can dream of evenings by the fireplace in the Highlands by wearing cosy checkered garments typical of the countryside fashion we so love. Check here why we want to wear plaid till the end of winter.

Photos courtesy of Burlington